Mojave Max appearance means spring is nigh

Southern Nevada’s favorite desert tortoise emerged from its burrow about 4 p.m. Monday, heralding the arrival of spring , according to a Clark County news release.

Mojave Max, like other Southern Nevada reptiles, brumates — a process similar to hibernation — each year by entering a burrow during the winter months and emerging when the weather warms up.

Mojave Max resides at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and has become something of a barometer for the arrival of spring in Clark County, officials said.

As part of the Clark County Desert Conservation Program, a contest has been hosted since 2000 to guess the time and date of Mojave Max’s appearance. Clark County students were eligible to enter the contest. The official winner will be announced soon and receive a year-long pass to federally managed areas, a laptop computer and a digital camera.

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