Mongol sentenced in slayings

A member of the Mongols motorcycle club who pleaded guilty to two counts of voluntary manslaughter for killing two Hells Angels during the Laughlin River Run riot was sentenced to 18 to 45 months in prison on Tuesday

Alexander Alcantar, 45, was handcuffed after District Judge Michelle Leavitt delivered the sentence.

Alcantar was the fifth of six Mongols sentenced for the 2002 biker brawl, which left three men dead.

He pleaded guilty to killing Hells Angels members Robert Tumelty, 50, and Jeramie Bell, 27, during the riot.

A third man, Mongols member Anthony Salvador Barrera, 43, was stabbed to death.

During the sentencing, Tumelty's wife, Tressa O'Lear, called her husband a true hero and berated Alcantar for being a "coward."

"He (Tumelty) walked into an ambush," she said.

Six Hells Angels members have been sentenced after pleading to reduced charges in state and federal court cases related to the Laughlin riot. The six will serve no more than 30 months in federal prison.

Prosecutors dropped charges against three dozen other Hells Angels members.