'Naked Boy' blogger not with CNN

The man in the chicken suit hasn't shown up at O.J. Simpson's armed robbery and kidnapping trial, but there is a naked man to contend with.

Two potential jurors for Simpson's trial told District Judge Jackie Glass they were approached Tuesday night by a man who claimed to be with the media. Media members are not allowed to contact jurors or potential jurors.

The man claimed to be with CNN, but Glass doubted he was affiliated with a legitimate news agency and ordered an investigation to identify him.

A CNN statement said the man wasn't an employee and said: "CNN has one senior producer covering the Simpson trial who is fully credentialed with the courts and abides by the court's guidelines regarding the media."

So who was the man?

Court staff found he is a blogger who goes by J.Sun and posts content on a site called nakedboynews.com, also known as "The place for Naked Boy News Celebrity Headlines."

On the site, J.Sun stands in front of a camera, sometimes wearing very little, and gives news reports on current events. Much of the content appears based in Las Vegas.

Court staff took a photo of J.Sun and showed it to the two prospective jurors contacted by the man, said court spokesman Michael Sommermeyer. He said one of the jurors positively identified him.

Sommermeyer said Glass wants to speak with J.Sun to ask why he would try to speak with prospective jurors and to tell him to knock it off.

Glass signed an order outlining the rules of conduct for Simpson's trial. It stated, among other things, that reporters can't contact prospective jurors.

Glass said Wednesday she had control over media representatives but couldn't stop the public from trying to speak with prospective jurors.

"The folks out on the street -- I can't control them."

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