North Korean flag removed after complaint

KINGMAN, Ariz. - Northwest Arizona resident Brett Horr is proud of his American heritage and appreciates the sacrifice his grandfather made. He spent much of World War II in a prisoner-of-war camp after his B-17 bomber was shot down over Germany.

And the White Hills area resident said his patriotic blood boiled when he recently spotted a North Korean flag flying at a business along U.S. Highway 93.

"It made me crazy," Horr said.

The Last Stop, a cluster of businesses catering to highway motorists about 25 miles south of the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial bridge, sports a line of 18 flags of various nations, as a welcome of sorts for international tourists visiting Grand Canyon West and other destinations in the southwest.

"They do use that argument," Horr said. "When's the last time anyone from North Korea came over here for vacation?"

Horr said he took his complaint to management just ahead of the Memorial Holiday weekend. And he got his wish.

"We've already removed the North and South Korean flags," said Amanda, a Last Stop manager who refused to provide her last name. She said the man who put up the flags "wasn't fully thinking things through."

Amanda said she understands why Horr was upset. But she said the business didn't mean to offend anyone and fully supports the nation and its servicemen and women.