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Single-subject limitation in Nevada's initiative process being reviewed

Many Nevada groups have long contended that a law approved by the 2005 Legislature requiring citizen-backed initiative petitions to confine themselves to a single subject has thwarted public access to the ballot. A coalition of groups is now challenging the single-subject limitation and is about to have its day in court.

Horse roping controversy in Clark County isn't over yet

The Clark County Commission is expected to revisit its ordinance banning horse tripping, also called horse roping, after members of Nevada’s Legislative Hispanic Caucus expressed disappointment at a 6-1 vote on Tuesday keeping the prohibition intact.

Nevada conservative group fined over 2010 Assembly election

The conservative group Citizen Outreach has been fined $10,000, plus attorneys fees and costs of $7,600, for failing to file campaign expense reports detailing the source of funds to pay for mailers criticizing then-Assemblyman John Oceguera in his 2010 re-election campaign.