Police: Man says he killed teen who shot a friend

An 18-year-old man confessed to fatally shooting a teenager Tuesday near Lake Mead and Jones boulevards, a retaliatory act prompted by a homicide that happened a few days prior, according to a Las Vegas police report obtained Wednesday.

The Clark County coroner's office and the police report identified the teen slain Tuesday as 16-year-old Jacquez Harris.

Suspect Bric Plasnyer was arrested in connection with slaying Harris. Plasnyer is being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center on charges of murder with a deadly weapon and burglary with a deadly weapon.

The coroner's office said Harris died from a gunshot wound to the chest.

According to the report, Plasnyer first told Las Vegas police he didn't know Harris but later admitted he had shot him. Plasnyer said the shooting was in response to the slaying of a friend, Jessie Cummings, who was killed Saturday.

According to the report, when Plasnyer confronted Harris, he said, "This is for my dead homie."

But Plasnyer's gun failed to fire, which led to a chase. When Plasnyer caught up with Harris, he shot at him until the gun was empty, the police report said.

The victim's body was found by police near Lake Mead and Arpa Way shortly before 11 a.m.

Plasnyer told police he had seen Cummings die and recognized Harris as the man who shot him. Plasnyer also told police he sold drugs to Harris. Police could not be reached Wednesday to comment on Plasnyer's allegation.

Plasnyer also told police he is affiliated with the "Avery Park" group and has "little homies" under him. He stopped short of calling the group a gang, referring to it as a "movement," the report said.

The coroner's office said Cummings, 32, of Las Vegas, was killed Saturday by a gunshot wound to the chest. Cummings died at MountainView Hospital. He was found at a 7-Eleven store near Lake Mead and Jones by several people who took him to the hospital.