Microchipping humans, increased minimum wage set for debate in Nevada Legislature

CARSON CITY — Nevada lawmakers wasted no time last week in getting down to business, hearing and passing bills, getting briefings on important issues and introducing more than 200 pieces of legislation.

They will double down in Week Two with numerous committee hearings, including ones on bills dealing with the implantation of microchips in humans and an increase in the minimum wage.


The Senate Government Affairs Committee will consider four bills, including some dealing with laws allowing personal information to be kept confidential for public safety reasons. Senate Bill 79 would expand protections for several categories of court personnel and expand them to cover county assessor, DMV and other records.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will take up Senate Bill 109, which would prohibit individuals from implanting microchips in another person.

Politics is always in play at the Legislature, and Assembly Republicans are expected to release their action plan for the session. Senate Republicans released their plan last week.

In the Senate, five bills vetoed by Gov. Brian Sandoval in the 2015 session are listed as “special orders of the day.” A two-thirds vote would be required to override a veto, but no action on the measures is expected. Instead, the bills will be left to die.


A joint Ways and Means and Senate Finance Subcommittee will review the budget for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Lawmakers will hear updates on how the agency continues to respond to customer lines at its offices.

Assembly Minority Leader Paul Anderson, R-Las Vegas, said he expects to speak with the media to go over the goals of the caucus, which now numbers only 15 members. Republicans in the Assembly had a 25-member majority in 2015 but lost ground in the 2016 general election.


The Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy Committee will hear a bill that would increase the minimum wage by 75 cents per hour in each of the next five years.

In addition to hearings, Senate and Assembly floor sessions are scheduled where more bills will be introduced.

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