Simpson co-defendants' motion to delay denied

A judge on Wednesday denied a request by two co-defendants in the O.J. Simpson robbery case to postpone the upcoming trial date.

Lawyers John Moran Jr., who represents Charles Ehrlich, and Robert Lucherini, who represents Clarence "C.J." Stewart, asked District Judge Jackie Glass to push back the April 7 court date so they could have more time to prepare.

"We need more time to properly represent our clients," Lucherini said. "We don't have the resources. Time will cure that problem."

Moran argued that more time was necessary to contact the 78 potential witnesses and review evidence in the case in which the three men are charged with robbing two sports memorabilia dealers at Palace Station in September.

District Attorney David Roger said the lawyers have had many months to prepare for what is a basic criminal case.

"This is a simple case. This is a robbery case," Roger said. "The fact that Mr. Simpson is a high-profile figure doesn't change that."

Roger also noted that Simpson's lawyers did not join the motion and were prepared for the upcoming trial date and that the key witnesses in the case all testified extensively at November's preliminary hearing.

Glass agreed and kept the April 7 date that all the lawyers had agreed upon last year.

"Schedules have been moved. Substitute judges are being brought in. Jurors are being brought in, and this case is going forward on April 7," she said.

Court officials expect jury selection and the trial to take about a month.