Soldier surprises sons by parachuting from sky

After a nine-month deployment in Afghanistan, a Kentucky soldier returned home last week and dropped in and surprised his two young sons.

According to KTRK-TV, Specialist Ted Trece and his wife, Jessica, coordinated the surprise for their sons, Elijah and Bentley, who had no idea he was coming home.

And Trece decided to do it by parachuting out of a plane down to where they were playing in a field.

In the video, Trece, in his military uniform, parachutes tandem down to where his wife and boys are, and as soon as he lands, his three-year-old immediately starts running towards him.

“Where’s my love at, dude,” Trece says as his son is running towards him.

Trece’s four-year-old then joins in the hugs as his wife filmed the tender moment