Victim describes shooting rampage after gunman argues with girlfriend

The threat of losing his girlfriend sparked a shooting rampage by a 26-year-old man in a southeast valley apartment complex Monday afternoon, a police report released Tuesday said.

The incident ended in one man's death, while the alleged gunman's two roommates were seriously injured

The report identified Gabriel Giovanni Santacruz as the man who fatally shot Oscar Omar Carmona-Mata. The report said Santacruz also shot his girlfriend, Krystal Madera, in the face, and his cousin, Daniel Espinosa. Madera and Espinosa lived with Santacruz, the report said.

The shooting occurred shortly before 2 p.m. at the Silver Pines Apartments, 6650 E. Russell Road, near Boulder Highway.

The rampage ended when Santacruz encountered police. Two officers fired their weapons at Santacruz after he shot his 9 mm weapon at the officers at least once, police said. Santacruz was struck by police gunfire several times. He survived his injuries and was booked in absentia on several charges, including murder, after being taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.

Espinosa, 21, told police he was awakened by Santacruz and Madera arguing with each other.

Espinosa heard Madera telling Santacruz that "she was leaving him and seeing another man," the report said.

Espinosa saw Santacruz holding a gun while Madera was holding her 2-year-old child, whom Santacruz had fathered.

Santacruz "kept talking about killing himself, but not wanting to go alone," the report said.

It said Santacruz forced Madera and Espinosa into a bathroom. Espinosa pleaded for Santacruz to put the gun down, but Santacruz fired and hit Espinosa in the hand as he was shielding his face. Madera was then shot in the face, the report said.

Espinosa then ran out of the apartment while being chased by Santacruz, who shot him in the upper right chest, the report said.

The report noted that Espinosa told police he suspected Santacruz was on methamphetamine.

Las Vegas police spokesman Bill Cassell said the shooting indicates how unpredictable law enforcement situations can be.

"This illustrates the dangers officers face every day," Cassell said. "Any call can immediately turn into a dynamic situation involving life-and-death decisions on the part of the officers."

Police said Monday that the victims fled the apartment in an attempt to survive the attack.

"We have multiple scenes, we have blood trails," Capt. Randy Montandon said.

The report said police encountered the gun-wielding Santacruz next to a Ford truck in the complex's parking lot. He pointed his left hand at the officers, then fired his weapon with his right hand, the report said.

Santacruz was struck by police gunfire in the neck, left shoulder and thigh. The two officers shot at were not injured. The report said officers found Santacruz's 2-year-old son covered in blood but unharmed in the front seat of a pickup. Carmona-Mata was the registered owner of the truck, the report said.

It was unclear what Carmona-Mata's relationship with Santacruz was. But Madera told police she had been taken to the complex Monday by her mother's boyfriend, "Oscar," who was going to help her move things out of the apartment.

Madera, Espinosa and Santacruz were listed in fair condition at Sunrise, a hospital spokeswoman said Tuesday afternoon.

Police recommended several charges against Santacruz, including murder, two counts of attempted murder on a police officer, two counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon, resisting a public officer with a weapon and probation violation.

Last year, Santacruz pleaded guilty to felony possession of a controlled substance, according to Clark County court records. He was sentenced to three years of probation.

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