WEEK IN REVIEW: Reporters' notebook

It's common for public officials to reassure residents their communities are safe from myriad hazards, and it is just as common for the public to ignore assurances.

But Las Vegas Ward 6 Councilman Steve Ross on Wednesday offered an assurance everyone will appreciate during a City Council ceremony honoring Las Vegas Flightlinez, the zip line operator on Fremont Street.

Ross, who is of Scottish descent and sometimes celebrates his heritage by wearing a traditional kilt, promised he wouldn't combine his passion for ancestry with the joy of soaring above Fremont Street.

"I will not wear a kilt while zip lining, rest assured, residents of our fair city," Ross said to the relief of a grateful community.


It was a photo almost guaranteed to go viral: At the Rio on Tuesday night, professional poker player Jeff Romano snapped a camera phone picture of a roulette table display board that showed a mind-boggling run of seven 19s in a row.

Too bad it didn't really happen.

After letting the story bounce around the Internet and land in a few newspapers early last week, Caesars Entertainment finally, and officially, stuck a fork in it on Thursday.

Spokesman Gary Thompson delivered the bad news: This wasn't photographic proof of the unlikeliest roulette run Las Vegas has ever seen. It was a simple glitch in the electronic system that posts the numbers to the board.

Oh, 19 came up all right, but not on eight out of nine spins of the wheel, Thompson said. It was more like twice over a three-minute span.

"Nobody won a lot of money," Thompson said.

You don't say. What are the chances of that?


Looks like Damon Runyon got hold of the police blotter. First, the Weatherman Bandit chatted about the weather as he robbed banks, and the Mustache Bandit shaved after he was caught on video robbing sandwich shops. Finally, police nabbed the Crowbar Robber, who couldn't crack into the safes at two Henderson convenience stores.