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NRC: More time, money needed for Yucca review

Completing safety studies and setting up a license document network for the Yucca Mountain Project will take a full year and use all $11.1 million of the money previously budgeted for the now-shuttered project 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s staff said Monday.

No end in sight for Yucca legal fights

There’s no end in sight for legal fights over Yucca Mountain. Fresh lawsuits started piling up Thursday, a day before a deadline for responses to a federal court ruling that ordered the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to revive licensing for the controversial Nevada nuclear waste site.

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Senate confirms Yucca critic as NRC chairman

WASHINGTON - The Senate on Friday confirmed a nuclear waste expert and Yucca Mountain critic to become chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Allison Macfarlane, a geologist and environmental science professor at George Mason University, was...

Final report mixed for NRC chairman Jaczko

WASHINGTON - In what probably will be a final review of his performance as chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, an internal investigation released Tuesday gave mixed grades to Gregory Jaczko. Jaczko, who announced his resignation last...

Ruling reopens debate on Yucca Mountain

WASHINGTON - Federal judges on Friday tossed out a regulation that allowed nuclear waste to be stored at reactors for 100 years or more and that cleared a way for the Obama administration to scrap the Yucca Mountain repository. An appeals court said...

House backs revival of Yucca repository

WASHINGTON - The House voted by a wide margin Wednesday to restore a slice of funding for the Yucca Mountain repository, signaling it remains unhappy with President Barack Obama's decision to terminate the nuclear waste project. The 326-81 vote was...