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Yucca Mountain

NRC Chairman Jaczko resigns

Gregory Jaczko, whose leadership of the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission became increasingly rocky after he ordered the agency to halt studies on Yucca Mountain, announced Monday that he is resigning as chairman.

Yucca isn't dead yet

Yucca Mountain? Isn't that project dead? Actually, no. In fact, the controversial nuclear waste repository is back in the news these days, even as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama have joined forces to destroy it. But...

Lawsuit limits proposed over nuclear waste site selection

WASHINGTON -- The nuclear waste commission has recommended that the government try a cooperative approach to recruit volunteer states to host a high-level radioactive waste site. But when several commissioners testified Wednesday in Congress, Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Ala., offered another idea: Don't allow lawsuits.

Nuclear waste hearing turns testy over Yucca Mountain

Leaders of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future urged Congress on Wednesday to abandon the long-troubled strategy that has failed to solve the problem of how the nation should dispose of nuclear waste. A hearing on the commission's findings turned testy after lawmakers kept returning the discussion to Yucca Mountain.

Nuclear panel says work should start now to find waste sites

While it could take years to set the nation on a new path for managing nuclear waste, work could start immediately to identify and recruit new locations for a burial site, a former member of Congress said Tuesday. He briefed a nuclear industry audience on a blue ribbon commission's report that recommended new strategies for managing spent nuclear fuel.

Nuclear panel chief under fire by colleagues

WASHINGTON -- Four Nuclear Regulatory commissioners from both parties say they have "grave concerns" about the panel's chairman, charging that the actions of Gregory Jaczko are "causing serious damage" to the commission and creating a "chilled work...