Lamb show gets big ratings in premiere

Ralph Lamb's telephone rang nonstop Wednesday with a flood of congratulatory calls.

CBS had big news to share with the 85-year-old ex-sheriff. Family and friends were busting their buttons with pride.

One of the calls came from Washington, D.C., from a friend who went on to become one of the most powerful politicians in the country.

"The cowboy had a big night," Sen. Harry Reid, the Senate's majority leader since 2007, told Lamb.

A big night and big numbers after the debut of the CBS drama "Vegas," the story of Lamb's 17-year tenure as sheriff, starting in 1961,

Lamb's day started with a friend reading him an account of the Ralph Lamb Day celebration at Green Valley Ranch, where 400 showed up to pay homage and view the premiere.

Then came the calls.

CBS revealed some head-spinning numbers: 14.7 million viewers, the largest fall delivery for a CBS 10 p.m. drama in 10 years since "Judging Amy."

"Vegas," starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis, was first in households (9.3/15), viewers (14.7) and adults ages 18-49 (2.5/07).

One critic called the premiere "fascinatingly schizophrenic" because the 18-49 numbers made it the lowest-rated CBS Tuesday show since "Century City" in 2004.

In other words, it delivered large numbers of older viewers but needs more younger eyes to wow the advertisers.


Gary Lewis didn't mince any words when asked about the Muscular Dystrophy Association's clumsy handling of the departure of his father, Jerry Lewis, as telethon host.

During an interview that airs at 9 tonight on KUNV-FM, 91.5, Gary Lewis called it a "firing" and added, "I think it's ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous."

He told Ira David Sternberg, host of "Talk About Las Vegas With Ira," that "the old spark of the MDA telethon on Labor Day is totally gone, and it's just gonna fade, it's just gonna fade.

"And I don't wish ill on anybody, but whoever fired my dad and took this whole telethon in a different direction, you know, they're gonna pay, they're gonna pay for it, somehow, by losing the telethon completely or whatever."

Gary Lewis and The Playboys perform at the Suncoast on Saturday and Sunday.


Horror film aficionado Eli Roth calls it "my greatest dream-slash-nightmare." The operative word is slash as he debuts his Goretorium tonight on Las Vegas Boulevard. It's ready to go, but it's a work in progress, he said Wednesday. "The problem with me is the ideas never stop," he said. "Over time, we will keep adding. I think horror fans and fans of Halloween are going to feel right at home."


Heidi Klum, spotted Tuesday at Joe's Stone Crab (Forum Shops at Caesars) with her bodyguard/rumored boyfriend Martin Kirsten. … Holly Madison, buying maternity clothes at A Pea in a Pod on Tuesday at the Fashion Show mall. … Larry the Cable Guy and Carrot Top, filming a scene with Robosaurus, the 40-foot high, fire-breathing, car-crushing metal robot at The Orleans on Tuesday. … Cast members of "Gold Rush," the Discovery Channel's reality show, filming in front of the world's largest gold nugget display at the Golden Nugget. They were in town for the Mining Expo.


"You know that 'Vegas' isn't actually filmed in Las Vegas. CBS built a replica outside of L.A. It looks so much like the real thing that Prince Harry turned up naked." - Craig Ferguson

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