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EDITORIAL: Reid’s run unmatched in Nevada history

To say Harry Reid belongs on Nevada’s hypothetical Mount Rushmore suggests that three other people have wielded influence comparable to the longtime U.S. senator. In reality, no other figure in Nevada’s 150-year history has built as much power for himself — and as much leverage for the state — as the Searchlight native, who announced Friday morning that he would not seek re-election to a sixth term.

EDITORIAL: Legislature must let Uber operate in Nevada

If Nevada lawmakers are serious about attracting more high-tech companies to the state, about lifting the state’s entrepreneurial profile and appealing to the 21st-century workforce they claim they want to create, they’ll pass legislation that allows one of the country’s most innovative industries to operate here.

EDITORIAL: Drones mean business

The assessor’s office provides an aerial image of your house — and your entire neighborhood, for that matter — and displays it on the agency’s website. Other websites provide similar views. But if you’re trying to sell your house and want much closer, better aerial footage to enhance your listing, you can’t get it.

Common Core merits discussion, minus the scorn

The Common Core State Standards, now generally known as Common Core or the Nevada Academic Content Standards, have generated about as much controversy as any educational initiative ever has. Stirred by a relentless stream of anecdotal horror stories, many teachers, parents and administrators have sought the repeal of Common Core. They have understandable concerns about how the standards were established, about implementation and about testing.

Stop punishing productive workers

I could rattle off economic facts about tourism trends, underwater mortgages and unemployment numbers, but Nevadans don’t need statistics to tell them what they see with their own eyes.

Sandoval’s education funding proposal has merit

Nevadans know that our education system is broken and in need of fixing. When it comes to graduation rates, per-student spending, and teacher-to-student ratios, Nevada ranks among the lowest in the country. But these statistics only tell part of the story. Not only is our education system failing our kids and limiting their future opportunities, it is having a direct effect on the state’s near-term and long-term economic growth.

EDITORIAL: North Strip makeover

Soon the Echelon eyesore will be no more. As reported Monday by the Review-Journal’s Howard Stutz, Malaysia-based Genting Berhad will break ground May 5 on the $4 billion Resorts World Las Vegas hotel-casino, a project that promises to accellerate the redevelopment of the north Strip and wipe out a painful reminder of the Great Recession.

EDITORIAL: Mandatory voting

President Barack Obama loves using the heavy hand of government to make Americans do what he wants them to do. Obamacare’s array of mandates — especially tax penalties for those who fail to purchase health insurance — is the most obvious proof of his fondness for coercion. His latest big idea: compulsory voting.

EDITORIAL: In Henderson, of course

Henderson government is in the news for the wrong reasons — again. The Review-Journal’s Eric Hartley reported Monday that a city audit found police had been illegally voiding traffic citations after the tickets had been filed in court. Under state law, only a judge can dismiss citations once they’ve been filed in court.

Residencies bigger key to state’s health-care future

Medical schools serve a vital role in our community, including Touro University Nevada, the state’s largest college of medicine. As additional medical schools are being considered in Southern Nevada, it is essential that the facts associated with their development and resource utilization are clear and that the discussion is open and factual.