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EDITORIAL: For District Court, Departments 4 and 5

Summer isn’t quite over, but make no mistake, it’s election season. Early voting for the Nov. 4 general election starts one month from today. Beginning today, the Review-Journal’s editorial board will offer recommendations in almost every race on the ballot, starting with endorsements in District Court and Family Court races — 28 seats for which all registered Clark County voters can cast a ballot.

EDITORIAL: State’s school rating system needs toughening

Coming to terms with the poor performance of Nevada’s school system has been an education for policymakers, elected officials, business leaders and taxpayers alike. Although the state’s ultimate measures of success — high school graduation rates and the value of high school diplomas — rate among the nation’s worst overall, Nevada has many excellent schools with excellent teachers, leaders and education models.

EDITORIAL: This land is our land

As a general rule, Congress does more harm than good. If the opposite were true, the legislative branch wouldn’t have an approval rating that’s fast approaching single digits. But federal lawmakers can still do some good when they focus on giving Americans opportunity instead of telling them what they can’t do; when they enable economic freedom rather than stifle it through taxation and regulation.

Tesla deal, popular in Nevada, is panned elswhere

Nevada’s political establishment may think the recent Tesla incentive deal is the greatest thing since the repeal of the state’s usury law to attract a giant credit-card processing center to town, but outside the Silver State, the reaction is a bit more jaundiced.

EDITORIAL: It’s time to boot stadium proposal

The push for a publicly financed downtown soccer stadium will continue because Las Vegas Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian decided she needed at least another month to scrutinize the project — a $200 million proposal that will have the city pay about three-quarters of the venue’s upfront costs.

Time for reform?

The Senate’s initial vote last week on a proposed constitutional amendment to allow Congress to regulate campaign fundraising and spending was somewhat confusing: It passed 79-18, well in excess of the 60 votes needed to begin debate, and the 66 needed for final passage.

Police union: ‘We use’ politicians

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department can’t add officer positions without a tax increase, partly because of a plunge in property tax revenue, but mostly because its force is compensated so generously. If police pay were more in line with national averages, hundreds more officers would be on the streets patrolling neighborhoods, stomping out the valley’s dangerous driving culture and keeping the Strip even safer.

Collaboration key to education’s future

On Nov. 4, Nevadans will vote on the Education Initiative, or Question 3. Over the next 50 days, voters will be bombarded with campaign ads for and against Question 3. Tens of millions of dollars will be spent in this campaign, money that could be better spent.

A plea for (digital) privacy

When I send an email to my daughter’s teacher or store family photos with an online service, I consider those items private. To me, and I think to most people, our electronic memories are no less treasured than printed photographs or letters on paper. But federal law doesn’t provide for our digital communications the same privacy protections long afforded to our physical possessions. An outdated statute says that our digital lives can be searched by government officials without a warrant.