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EDITORIAL: Sandoval might need tax ‘Plan C’

With less than a week remaining in the 2015 Nevada Legislature and a budget standoff looking less and less resolvable, Gov. Brian Sandoval and lawmakers on both sides of the state’s tax debate must decide whether their lines in the sand are worth defending in special session.

EDITORIAL: Don’t forget the reforms

In case lawmakers needed a reminder, our support of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s budget — and the tax increases needed to fund it — is conditional. Major government reforms must be part of the deal. And with less than a week remaining in the 2015 Legislature, not enough of those reforms have passed.

New execution chamber an outrageous boondoggle

In a historic vote May 20, the Nebraska Legislature abolished the state’s death penalty. The vote was based on concerns about the high cost of capital punishment and a protracted appeals process that prevents families of murder victims from reaching closure. Nebraska is the first “red” state to repeal capital punishment, but Republicans have been leading efforts to repeal capital punishment in at least a half-dozen states.

EDITORIAL: Don’t let VA build anything ever again

There is no federal bureacracy more plagued by incompetence than the Department of Veterans Affairs. Not only has the VA neglected our veterans through unacceptable delays in processing disability and compensation claims, it has also routinely made veterans wait too long for care. Across the country, VA officials have covered up information that documents the depths of the department’s dysfunction so they could collect bonuses. And it’s nearly impossible to fire anyone responsible.

Government must fund, chart future of highways

The country is careening toward a grisly wreck as the federal surface transportation bill races toward expiration on May 31, with a successor nowhere in sight. Congressional action for a long-term replacement seems unlikely until after the 2016 presidential race, as well as any meaningful tax reform addressing the defunct Highway Trust Fund, leaving an already fragile economic recovery open to more bruising setbacks.

EDITORIAL: Assembly bill addresses schools’ ‘zero tolerance’ overreach

The state shouldn’t need laws that mandate common sense. But the ridiculous overreach of “zero tolerance” school rules that fail to distinguish between toy weapons and real ones, between make believe and real threats, between first graders and teenagers, has forced the Nevada Legislature to bypass school boards in pursuit of a badly needed statewide disciplinary policy.