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EDITORIAL: Put foot on gas in energy search

In a move that could boost economies along the East Coast, the Obama administration approved the use of underwater sound blasts to pinpoint the locations of oil and gas deposits beneath Atlantic Ocean waters. Environmentalists are less than pleased with the decision, but President Barack Obama deserves praise for it.

EDITORIAL: Conserving cash

Government isn’t structured to run efficiently. It’s a rare moment when the private sector doesn’t outperform the bureaucrats who would purport to be our betters, even in areas dominated by government hype. Like being eco-friendly.

EDITORIAL: Don’t give VA another $17.6 billion; privatize the agency

In case you’re keeping score at home, the Department of Veterans Affairs repeatedly ignored and hid warnings from whistleblowers about a pattern of negligent practices resulting in delays in care, shoddy treatment and needless patient deaths at its medical centers. According to a report by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., VA negligence cost taxpayers nearly $1 billion in malpractice settlements over the past decade and may have killed up to 1,000 veterans.

EDITORIAL: City manager salary

It’s rare that we advocate for public-sector raises in the best of times, and even more unlikely under the current conditions. Generally speaking, private-sector workers aren’t reaping any benefits from the still-sluggish recovery following the Great Recession, and here in Clark County, the taxpaying public also faces a never-ending push to increase taxes on several fronts.

EDITORIAL: School district needs to move forward on outside-the-box solutions

The Clark County School District is getting a tough lesson in math as it deals with surging enrollment and aging campuses, amid numbers that come nowhere near adding up. As the Review-Journal’s Trevon Milliard reported last week, the district plans to spend $301 million in the next five years on capital projects, including replacing one school entirely, renovating and replacing equipment at older schools, and adding portable classrooms to alleviate student crowding.

EDITORIAL: Partisan union cuts ties with United Negro College Fund

The Koch brothers have donated considerable sums of money to various philanthropic efforts in recent years. They’ve also donated considerable amounts of money to advance conservative political causes. Those who can’t separate the two actions — among them Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — have run an incessant campaign to demonize the Kochs, and that effort has now led to young black students losing college scholarships.

Steve’s political pop quiz

So, you think you know the crazy world of Nevada politics and business? You think you can separate reality from the bizarre conspiracy theories that multiply like quagga mussels? Put your knowledge to the test with this quiz:

EDITORIAL: Gaming and pot

Nevada gaming regulators have remarkable oversight powers that allow them to strip the licenses of casino operators who bring “discredit upon the state” or fail to protect Nevadans’ “morals.” These tools were essential in ridding Nevada’s casinos of organized crime and paving the way for corporate ownership and investment along the Strip.

EDITORIAL: The grapes of math

This newspaper has long advocated a single, simple bill to greatly expand personal and economic freedom in Nevada: For every bill passed by lawmakers and signed into law by the governor, two laws must be repealed.