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EDITORIAL: District schools taxpayers, trustees with shaky settlement

The Clark County School District was starting to regain the community’s confidence. It was showing signs that it could be trusted to wisely spend significantly more tax money on public education. Slowly but surely, business leaders who had long doubted the bureaucracy’s effectiveness were joining forces to build support for a better, more accountable K-12 system.

Tax would do damage to economy

Between now and Nov. 4, Nevada voters will decide where they stand on Question 3, the margins tax initiative. Proponents of the tax measure are running television ads that make false and misleading claims about this tax measure.

On margins tax, numbers don’t lie

The argument for passage of Question 3 holds that increased school spending translates to improved student achievement. Nevada’s schools perform poorly because they’re poorly funded, Question 3 backers claim. Therefore, pouring more money into the state’s K-12 system is the only way to guarantee better outcomes.

EDITORIAL: Don’t elect the next Bonaventura

The next John Bonaventura is on this fall’s ballot, hoping you aren’t paying attention, hoping you won’t do your homework. There are a great many down-ticket offices on this fall’s ballot that have great powers and important responsibilities. If voters fail to make informed choices in those races, an especially unqualified office holder can cause great harm to the public — just like John Bonaventura.

EDITORIAL: Five incumbents to fire

Among the many people on this fall’s ballot who have no business running for office are a handful of candidates who already hold office. We elect people with the hope that they’ll do a good job. If they don’t deliver, we can fire them — because they almost always seek re-election. Absent term limits, incumbents — especially bad ones — dig in like ticks.

EDITORIAL: Cast an informed vote

Early voting for the Nov. 4 general election starts today in Clark County. Citizens who are anxious to complete their civic duty but are concerned they don’t have enough information should wait until Sunday, when the Review-Journal publishes its biennial general election voter guide.