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EDITORIAL: Cheers to Norm!

It’s fair to compare Norm Clarke with Norm Peterson, the character portrayed by George Wendt in the classic sitcom “Cheers.” When he entered the bar each day, Mr. Peterson was greeted by patrons’ simultaneous shout of “Norm!”

Carmakers go too far with alcohol sensing systems

The improvements in vehicle safety over the past several decades are astounding, a huge factor in why traffic deaths have fallen by roughly 40 percent since the 1970s. But safer vehicles are only one part of the quest to eliminate traffic fatalities — even the safest vehicle becomes a deadly weapon when the driver operating it is distracted or driving drunk.

Student Privacy Act affirms rights of parents, children

The Nevada Student Physical Privacy Act maintains the longstanding practice of ensuring single-sex use of school restrooms and other intimate settings while providing accommodations for students struggling with sexual identity. What should be an uncontroversial bill has garnered significant national attention and has been the source of much misinformation.

EDITORIAL: End lawmakers’ lobby hobby

Election to Congress is a golden ticket, essentially a guarantee of lifetime job security in Washington. The more former lawmakers we have, the more lobbyists we get, and the more lobbyists we have, the more spending we get. Breaking this vicious, costly cycle will take more than electing a genuine fiscal conservative as president. No, to dial back the size of Washington, we have to shut the revolving door forever. And one freshman lawmaker has an idea to do just that.

Hillary 2016: Let her eat cake

See Hillary ride in a van! Watch her meet everyday Americans! Witness her ordering a burrito bowl at Chipotle! Which she did wearing shades, as did her chief aide Huma Abedin, yielding security camera pictures that made them look (to borrow from Karl Rove) like fugitives on the lam, wanted in seven states for a failed foreign policy.

Everybody take a breath

Ah, spring, when a young lawmaker’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of throttling members of the other party who won’t let him hold votes or bring amendments to bills on the Senate floor.