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EDITORIAL: For Clark County sheriff

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie surprised the valley’s political establishment last year when he announced he would not seek a third term as chief of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Assistant Sheriff Joe Lombardo faces former Capt. Larry Burns in this fall’s election to replace Sheriff Gillespie.

EDITORIAL: For Clark County assessor, clerk and treasurer

The case can be made that various Clark County elected offices should be nonpartisan campaigns. The case can be made that these executive-level positions should not be elected at all. But absent legislative intervention, valley voters will continue to decide partisan races for assessor, clerk, district attorney, public administrator, recorder and treasurer.

EDITORIAL: No to soccer stadium

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman stopped talking long enough to actually hear her constituents. But she didn’t listen closely enough. City residents don’t want to use public money to help fund construction of the downtown soccer stadium Mayor Goodman desperately wants built. She wants the stadium so badly that she berated concerned taxpayers in a long-winded rant at a Sept. 18 town hall meeting at Rogich Middle School in Summerlin. The gist of her monologue: How dare you question what I want for my city?

Too many revisionists spoil the history

Some 150 years ago, Christopher “Kit” Carson was the nation’s No. 1 Western pioneer hero. He helped blaze a trail through Nevada to the West Coast, receiving much gratitude from America’s government and her people.

Public will pay for judge’s crimes

Steven Jones got away with one last scam. This time, the taxpayers were the patsy. And regardless of whether federal prosecutors and a federal judge try to right the wrongs of the disgraced Family Court judge, Nevadans will pay dearly for his crimes for many, many years.