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EDITORIAL: Obama’s war on West

The domestic energy boom — fossil fuels, not renewables — is largely responsible for the country’s economic growth. As he does with so many issues, President Barack Obama wants it both ways. He takes credit for increased energy production on private lands — the administration couldn’t tout recovery otherwise — yet he does all he can to close off exploration on public lands that hold massive amounts of oil and natural gas.

Nevada recall campaigns face hurdles

Enraged by political maneuvering that resulted in moderate Republican John Hambrick being elected speaker-designate of the state Assembly, Nevada conservatives are preparing a recall petition to kick Hambrick out of office.

Are we doomed again?

And once more, we’re underway, cruising the Bermuda Triangle aboard the Flying Dutchman, sailing into a red sun on a ship running wild with black cats, broken mirrors and untossed spilt salt.

EDITORIAL: President going after middle-class money

Drilling “the rich” with ever-higher taxes is problematic because there aren’t nearly enough wealthy people to pay for everything government wants. President Barack Obama finally has figured this out. But instead of reining in government, he tried to go where the big money is: the middle class.

Why Nevada joined lawsuit against executive amnesty

On Friday, Nevada joined 25 other states in a lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional actions on immigration. Nevada did not join the lawsuit to make a statement about immigration. Rather, we joined the lawsuit to take a stand on behalf of Nevadans in support of the rule of law, the United States Constitution and the separation of powers between Congress and the president. Partisan critics were quick to call the lawsuit a “war on immigrants.” Clearly this is not so.