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Elvis bodyguard recalls his humor

Elvis Presley is so iconic, it's sometimes hard to remember he was just a guy. And bodyguard Sam Thompson remembers Elvis as a funny guy. Elvis would quote Peter Sellers' lines from "Pink Panther" movies on tour, Thompson says: "Things would be...

2 games offer great sports fun

Two new sports games have not received much attention in the gaming press, but they should, so let's look at both overlooked titles. The most worthy is "Top Spin 4," a fun representation of the tennis experience -- and it comes with Andre Agassi as a shaved-headed champion ready to mess you up, son.

Playmate, Hefner son 'connect'

If you grew up as Hugh Hefner's son Marston in the lap of lascivious luxury, could you still be tantalized by the body of your Playmate girlfriend? That thought worried his significant other, Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair. "I was thinking at...

Performer dreams of Rap Pack

Nas and Damian Marley will perform Saturday night at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas pool. So I called Nas on Tuesday, and he said, "We're in Amsterdam now -- super baked." Amsterdam is one of the acclaimed rapper's favorite tour stops, with New...