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Paul Harasim

Overworked caregivers should seek help

Andra Quinn saw the stress her mother experienced caring for her seriously ill father, who has now passed away. She’s decided she will not go it alone if her mother ever needs her as caregiver.

Nurses need to think ethically

If you watch cable TV, there’s a good chance you’ve watched “Nurse Jackie,” the Showtime hit series about an emergency room nurse who abuses a wide array of prescription drugs.

‘Mrs. MacGyver’ to the rescue

Computer exec Glenn Drawdy suffered a stroke during a trip to Las Vegas and is stuck her. But he considers himself to lucky to be betting help from therapist Nicola Gregory, whom he calls “Mrs. MacGyver.”

Is Alzheimer’s care a waste of money?

Reports showing a 99.6 percent failure rate for drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease fuel the debate over future care. Some even question whether doctors should be able to end Alzheimer’s patients’ lives.