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Hold message helped save a life

If you get into a shootout with a thug who’s already shot five other people, Fred Bedient learned it’s best to pump your first bullet into your attacker’s head to avoid getting hit yourself.

Clinical trials offer hope

Rosemary Rathbun and Lorrine Rodgers, grandmothers who were on death’s doorstep before they took part in the first in-human trial of a new antibody drug, told me they wanted to share their stories so other cancer patients would avail themselves of clinical studies that might save their lives.

Everyone should get health care

As Elizabeth Trujillo and I spoke late last year, I wondered how many more Americans would end up like her — unable to receive needed medical care until it was basically too late.

Good and bad in health care in 2013

When you live in Las Vegas and think about health care, it’s often too easy at the end of the year to find something negative to focus on — a hepatitis outbreak caused by medical professionals not following basic precautions, a TB outbreak caused for the same reason.

Clinic's closure remains mystery

When you read the opening to the Nov. 8 “Dear Patient” letter that Tracey Brierly and some others received from the KE Medical Group, you realize that it embodies the weirdness surrounding the group’s very public demise.

Cellphone radiation raises concerns

For years, he said, scientists have been studying — basically in relation to brain cancer — the form of energy given off by cellphones known as radiofrequency waves, a type of nonionizing radiation that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Time to spell it out ASAP

When he was left alone in an office with his medical record open on the doctor’s desk, a longtime friend of mine admitted curiosity got the best of him and he went over to see his file.

Shriners need new blood to keep going

Smiling, 17-year-old Samantha McClean walks down the stairs of her Henderson home with examples of her artwork under her arm. As she hurriedly makes her way to the living room, there is nothing about her entrance that suggests anything more or less than normalcy.

Think ahead to prevent falls

It was 2005 and retired Gen. Paul Tibbets, who led the A-bomb mission on Hiroshima, sat in the living room of his Ohio home and spoke about the role the Wendover airfield on the Nevada-Utah border played in the planning of the first use of the atomic bomb.