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Potholes to report? Call these numbers

If you’ve got a pothole complaint to voice, such as multiple Road Warrior readers did last week about the condition of Eastern Avenue and the ramps leading to the 215 Beltway, all you have to do is call the right office.

Waiting to see what Uber does next

With a local company on the verge of releasing details of a smartphone application that would enable people to hail a ride with a touch of a button, it will be interesting to see Uber’s next move, the ride-sharing company that hopes to establish a foothold in Southern Nevada.

FAST not perfect; leave on trips early

There’s been a fair amount of fiction among the “facts” a number of readers have shared about the Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation, but the bottom line is this: FAST isn’t perfect, so start your drive a little early.

Payers of gas tax hike not only ones on hook for Las Vegas water park signals

Among the burning questions that emerged a few weeks ago when it was announced with great fanfare that traffic signals would be built in the vicinity of the Wet ‘n’ Wild water park in southwest Las Vegas was why are taxpayers on the hook for the cost and what took Clark County so long to get around to dealing with the traffic issue.