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EDITORIAL: Provide education savings accounts for families

It can’t be said enough: Money alone will not improve K-12 education in Nevada or anywhere else. Reforms to public education systems have to be part of any plan to raise student achievement and better train future generations of workers. And no reform is more important or effective than promoting educational competition through school choice.

EDITORIAL: Opportunity scholarships

Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Legislature can go beyond education savings accounts to promote universal school choice in Nevada. Many families, especially low-income households, will need funds beyond what ESAs can provide to pay for the best educational fit for their children.

EDITORIAL: Law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be defenseless on college campuses

Since the mass shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007, in which 32 students and faculty members were killed and an additional 17 were wounded, gun-rights activists have pushed to allow concealed carry on college campuses. Unfortunately, that push has been widely lambasted by the media and ignored by lawmakers and higher education officials — while shootings in gun-free zones continue at schools large and small.

EDITORIAL: Heralding hockey bid

Bill Foley is a very rich man. The billionaire is chairman of a title insurance and mortgage company and the owner of 14 wineries, a cattle ranch and a golf course community. You don’t build that kind of wealth without doing loads of due diligence, figuring out what people want and whether they’ll pay for it.

EDITORIAL: A plan to clean up PERS

The Public Employees Retirement System of Nevada requires major reforms because the state’s pension plan, for too many people, is not a retirement program — it is a wealth generation system. PERS provides former government employees with benefits that are unavailable to the taxpayers who fund the system at great expense. And some PERS perks are immune to IRS rules that sock it to citizens who attempt to access retirement funds.

EDITORIAL: End PERS disability abuses

We know the Public Employees Retirement System of Nevada provides retirement benefits to people who aren’t retired. But did you know the taxpayer-funded pension plan also provides disability benefits to former government workers who aren’t disabled?

EDITORIAL: Reform state’s pension system now, or face pain later

If Nevada isn’t careful, it could end up like Rhode Island. By 2010, the Ocean State had put about $9 billion in unfunded pension liabilities on the shoulders of just more than 1 million residents. Nevada has almost three times that population, but its governments have unfunded, promised retirement benefits approaching $40 billion by some estimates — more than four times what Rhode Island faced.

EDITORIAL: Free community college

Last week, President Barack Obama announced his latest plan to buy back the political support of struggling young Americans. Dubbed “America’s College Promise,” the program would allow “responsible students” to attend community college tuition-free.

EDITORIAL: State needs plan to start school construction this year

The state’s most urgent education problem can’t be adequately, immediately addressed under existing budgets and law. It’s going to take big ideas and fast action by Gov. Brian Sandoval and the 2015 Legislature to add more classroom space and relieve the extreme crowding created by enrollment growth, especially within the Clark County School District.