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EDITORIAL: Don’t elect the next Bonaventura

The next John Bonaventura is on this fall’s ballot, hoping you aren’t paying attention, hoping you won’t do your homework. There are a great many down-ticket offices on this fall’s ballot that have great powers and important responsibilities. If voters fail to make informed choices in those races, an especially unqualified office holder can cause great harm to the public — just like John Bonaventura.

EDITORIAL: Five incumbents to fire

Among the many people on this fall’s ballot who have no business running for office are a handful of candidates who already hold office. We elect people with the hope that they’ll do a good job. If they don’t deliver, we can fire them — because they almost always seek re-election. Absent term limits, incumbents — especially bad ones — dig in like ticks.

EDITORIAL: Cast an informed vote

Early voting for the Nov. 4 general election starts today in Clark County. Citizens who are anxious to complete their civic duty but are concerned they don’t have enough information should wait until Sunday, when the Review-Journal publishes its biennial general election voter guide.

EDITORIAL: Vote yes on Question 1

Justice delayed is justice denied. That cliche rings especially true in Nevada. The Silver State is one of just 10 states that lack an appellate court between their district and supreme courts, a structure that has created an increasing backlog of appeals.

EDITORIAL: Yes on Question 2

If voters approve Question 2 on this fall’s ballot, they will not increase taxes on Nevada’s mining industry. Passage of Question 2 would remove the Nevada Constitution’s caps on mining taxes and allow the Legislature, or voters through the initiative process, to change the industry’s tax rates.

EDITORIAL: For governor

To understand why Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval faces no significant opposition for re-election, voters must look beyond his high approval ratings and his steady leadership in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Voters must look beyond his education reforms, which improved competition and accountability in Nevada’s underachieving public school system, beyond his work attracting new companies and new jobs.

EDITORIAL: For secretary of state

Term limits have shaped the race for secretary of state. Republican state Sen. Barbara Cegavske, an 18-year veteran of the Legislature, faces state Treasurer Kate Marshall, a Democrat. They can’t seek re-election to their current posts, so they’re running for the job being vacated by Democrat Ross Miller, also because of term limits.

EDITORIAL: For lieutenant governor

When voting for lieutenant governor, only one question matters: Who is most qualified to become governor? The lieutenant governor is much like the vice president: a heartbeat away from becoming chief executive, but with little power to change policy.

EDITORIAL: School construction

The Clark County School District has an enrollment growth crisis, and the only fix is added classroom capacity. But with precious little bond money left for capital projects, the School Board is prepared to spend up to $34 million tearing down and rebuilding an existing school instead of constructing new schools.

EDITORIAL: Marriage equality

In one of the most cruel and confounding judicial interventions in recent memory, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Wednesday blocked, then cleared, then again blocked Tuesday’s 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that allowed same-sex marriage in Nevada. Justice Kennedy’s orders came just two days after the Supreme Court let stand rulings that authorized same-sex marriage in other states across the country.

EDITORIAL: Endorsements for U.S. House of Representatives

Behold the brave Nevada men and women running for Congress, a body that’s as popular as the stomach flu. Americans are quite unhappy with federal lawmakers and the federal government in general. Accountability starts with elections. With that in mind, the Review-Journal offers the following endorsements for the U.S. House of Representatives: