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EDITORIAL: Rising premiums latest shoe to drop for Obamacare

For the Affordable Care Act, the other shoe has dropped so many times that the legislation now needs to grow feet at a prolific pace to keep up. And far from being over, there are many more shoes to drop in the coming months and years, with the latest being significant — and in some cases exorbitant — increases in monthly premiums.

EDITORIAL: UNLV baseball gains national attention

If there’s a way to be nationally ranked, yet fly under the radar, the UNLV baseball team has managed to do just that. Lost in March Madness nationally and in the university’s own version locally, as the school worked to keep men’s basketball coach Dave Rice from leaving, the Hustlin’ Rebels are having a tremendous season under fourth-year coach Tim Chambers.

EDITORIAL: NCAA sacks UNLV football

It took the much-maligned UNLV football team 13 years to get back to a bowl game, with the Rebels finally breaking through by posting a 7-5 regular-season record last season to reach the Heart of Dallas Bowl, where they lost to North Texas, 36-14. There won’t be an opportunity for Coach Bobby Hauck’s team to earn back-to-back bowl appearances.

EDITORIAL: BLM’s cattle battle ends — for now

The Bureau of Land Management finally made one prudent decision in its battle with rancher Cliven Bundy: withdrawing. The weeklong feud began with the BLM rounding up hundreds of Mr. Bundy’s cattle, and reached heightened tension levels by Saturday afternoon in a 20-minute standoff between armed ranchers and law enforcement officers.

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EDITORIAL: Obamacare’s true numbers reveal failure

On the afternoon of April 1, President Barack Obama pulled out the pom-poms and assumed the role of cheer captain at the White House Rose Garden to celebrate the great Obamacare victory. The Affordable Care Act had reached its purported goal of 7 million sign-ups, and by the March 31 deadline, no less.

EDITORIAL: Government land barons incompetent

The federal government’s incompetence in public land management has been obvious for decades. Far from protecting natural resources, many of Washington’s practices are killing off species and harming the environment. But that doesn’t stop agencies from regulating the public’s use of public land with a heavy hand while allowing costly federal failures to continue in perpetuity.

EDITORIAL: Sack the idea of unionizing college athletes

Unions are desperate to boost declining membership. Through 2013, only 11.3 percent of wage and salary workers belonged to unions. Growing public-sector membership is the only reason the figure is that high — 35.3 percent of government employees belong to a union, while just 6.7 percent of private-sector workers are union members. Where can unions go to organize new members? Where left-leaning thought and indoctrination rule the day: college campuses.

EDITORIAL: Bargain for it

Imagine the outrage from local public employee unions if any Nevada government tried to cut worker pay outside the collective bargaining process. The North Las Vegas City Council tried only to freeze employee pay and block costly pay raises through an emergency declaration, but the city’s unions successfully sued to restore those raises. (Never mind that the city couldn’t afford them.)

EDITORIAL: Victory for free speech

The left is predictably apoplectic over the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the cap on the total amount of money an individual donor can contribute to federal candidates and party groups during a single, two-year election cycle. One candidate declared Wednesday’s 5-4 ruling in McCutcheon v. FEC the court’s worst decision “since the Dred Scott case reaffirmed slavery in 1857.”