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EDITORIAL: King of the road

Bruton Smith goes so far back in NASCAR history that you’d need a telescopic rear-view mirror to see his beginnings. Relatively speaking, he’s still a newcomer to Southern Nevada, having bought Las Vegas Motor Speedway in 1998, two years after the track opened. But he’s made plenty of history here in that short time, just as he has at the numerous other tracks owned by his Speedway Motorsports Inc.

EDITORIAL: Don’t forget the reforms

In case lawmakers needed a reminder, our support of Gov. Brian Sandoval’s budget — and the tax increases needed to fund it — is conditional. Major government reforms must be part of the deal. And with less than a week remaining in the 2015 Legislature, not enough of those reforms have passed.

EDITORIAL: Sandoval might need tax ‘Plan C’

With less than a week remaining in the 2015 Nevada Legislature and a budget standoff looking less and less resolvable, Gov. Brian Sandoval and lawmakers on both sides of the state’s tax debate must decide whether their lines in the sand are worth defending in special session.

EDITORIAL: Don’t let VA build anything ever again

There is no federal bureacracy more plagued by incompetence than the Department of Veterans Affairs. Not only has the VA neglected our veterans through unacceptable delays in processing disability and compensation claims, it has also routinely made veterans wait too long for care. Across the country, VA officials have covered up information that documents the depths of the department’s dysfunction so they could collect bonuses. And it’s nearly impossible to fire anyone responsible.

EDITORIAL: Assembly bill addresses schools’ ‘zero tolerance’ overreach

The state shouldn’t need laws that mandate common sense. But the ridiculous overreach of “zero tolerance” school rules that fail to distinguish between toy weapons and real ones, between make believe and real threats, between first graders and teenagers, has forced the Nevada Legislature to bypass school boards in pursuit of a badly needed statewide disciplinary policy.

EDITORIAL: Hillary Clinton’s media dodging shows lack of leadership

It’s been more than a month since Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign. Since then, she and her staff have been active on social media, proclaiming that “we need to fix the dysfunctional political system,” and that she, unlike the GOP, is “looking forward to a real discussion” about the issues facing American families. She has talked a lot about access to the American dream.

EDITORIAL: Pension reform bills

With two weeks remaining in the 2015 Legislature, pension reform ranks high among lawmakers’ most important unfinished business. The state retirement system for public employees is underfunded by billions of dollars and already is squeezing government budgets because of rising contribution rates for overly generous benefits.

EDITORIAL: EPA runoff policy all wet

A larger, more powerful federal government hits taxpayers from all sides. In addition to income tax withholding, Washington increasingly imposes costs on state and local governments that create pressure for even more tax increases. Case in point: the creation of an entirely new state division to appease an overreaching federal bureaucracy.

EDITORIAL: NLV should have handed off Lee probe at start

The idea that an elected official can be impartially investigated by a police agency overseen by that official is ridiculous. It’s such an obvious conflict of interest that any in-house criminal inquiry is a waste of time and resources. An outside agency immune from political pressure must be brought in to ensure independence and protect the integrity of whatever case is built.