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EDITORIAL: The power of forgiveness

Sometimes, a person does something so magnanimous and so unexpected that it can make even the most hardened soul have renewed faith in humanity. Cynthia Portaro delivered such a moment last week at the Regional Justice Center. Her actions were so moving that veteran public defender Joseph Abood said he’d “never seen anything like it.”

EDITORIAL: Stomp e-cigarette taxes

E-cigarettes are not cigarettes. They’re not tobacco products. But that hasn’t stopped the anti-smoking brigade from demanding that the growing industry and its customers be regulated and taxed the same as cigarette makers and smokers.

EDITORIAL: No good reason to oppose charter school

Sun City MacDonald Ranch residents certainly pay attention to what happens around their 2,500-home, age-restricted community. We wish more neighborhoods were as engaged, especially during municipal election season. In Henderson, particularly, there are plenty of government decisions worth fighting.

EDITORIAL: Vogel was one-of-a-kind Nevada journalist

Ed Vogel was a newsman’s newsman. He could hammer out hundreds of words on breaking news in a matter of minutes, then weave a thoughtful human interest story about one of the only-in-Nevada characters he found so fascinating. He could make everyone in a room comfortable with a pleasant greeting and a wide smile, then make everyone completely uncomfortable with sharp questioning. He could shout it out with editors, then laugh it off.

EDITORIAL: VA chief stretches truth on scandal response

For years, Department of Veterans Affairs employees across the country falsely reported patient wait times and covered up systemic malfeasance so they could collect bonuses at the expense of veterans’ health. The scandal made national news, cost VA Secretary Eric Shinseki his job and laid bare the complete absence of accountability within the agency.

EDITORIAL: Henderson press access

If the media weren’t around to report Henderson’s hostility to the media, city employees still might face termination for talking to the media — and residents would have less information about the government they pay for.

EDITORIAL: Tarkanian’s legacy secured

The list of true Las Vegas legends — the innovative, larger-than-life locals, good and bad, who personified the city and brought national attention to Southern Nevada — is shorter than you might think. Bugsy Siegel. Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. Howard Hughes. Steve Wynn. A select few others.

EDITORIAL: A good game spoiled

If the heartbroken young men of Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West Little League want some comfort in sorting out the dumb, unfair things grown-ups do to spoil youth sports, we suggest they call the boys from Las Vegas Mountain Ridge Little League, the team they beat for last year’s national championship.