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EDITORIAL: Blown speaker

In resigning his speakership before it ever really started, Assemblyman Ira Hansen showed he was unfit for leadership in the first place. The Sparks Republican suffers from Nixonian paranoia and Clintonian denial, blaming a vast moderate conspiracy for his demotion when, in fact, it was his own repugnant writing that marginalized him.

EDITORIAL: Wealthy’s ‘fair share’ reaching tipping point

When it comes to reducing the federal budget deficit and the national debt, President Barack Obama says there is “obviously” more work to be done. He says he’s willing to do the work, but he also says it must be done “in a balanced way that doesn’t put all the burden on seniors or students or middle-class families, but also asks the wealthiest Americans to contribute and pay their fair share.” That’s what Americans really want, he says.

EDITORIAL: Unwanted sex education changes a waste of time

Parents and taxpayers have three remaining opportunities to give Clark County School District officials an earful about their botched secret sex education overhaul. A good place for the public to start: Why in the world is the low-achieving district wasting time and resources on sex education changes in the first place?

EDITORIAL: Solar bailout

The bill for green energy is kees growing. First, you, the taxpayer, provide the federal loans needed to build expensive renewable projects. Then you pay higher power rates to consume the more-expensive energy the government forces you to buy. Then you eat the losses when the loans aren’t repaid.

EDITORIAL: Not presidential

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is at a critical crossroads. The university aims to add a medical school, become a Tier I research institution and push for a new stadium on or near campus two years from now. And to top it all off, UNLV is searching for a new permanent president — just before the start of a legislative session.