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EDITORIAL: Implementing ESAs

The new law that launched Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts is still the buzz of the country’s school choice movement, but the job of getting the accounts open for parents is just getting started.

EDITORIAL: Lightning-rod Laura

Lightning rods have nothing on political reporters. When elected officials, candidates for office and their handlers aren’t complaining about unfair news coverage, readers of all ideologies point to particular phrases and constructions as proof of a journalist’s bias.

EDITORIAL: A new federal assault on First Amendment

The First Amendment protects the right of the people and the press to criticize the government, especially when their opinions are presented in highly offensive terms. But the First Amendment does not prevent the government from trying to undermine and deny that right whenever it suits the bureaucracy’s interests. The Department of Justice’s recent treatment of Reason magazine and some commenters on its website highlights federal hostility to dissent and the lengths Washington will go to chill free speech.

EDITORIAL: UNLV medical school scholarship drive delivers

Higher education officials, health care professionals, business leaders and lawmakers made a lot of promises in creating a brand-new medical school at UNLV. Economic development. Improved health care. New physicians who’ll stay in the valley to alleviate critical doctor shortages. Significant community and philanthropic support to accompany the state funding required to get the school up and running. The rapid development of not merely a good medical school, but a great one that can attract excellent applicants and be highly selective in admissions.

EDITORIAL: Outrageous outrage

Rep. Cresent Hardy is quick to remind voters that he’s not a verbally gifted politician. In just the past year, the Republican freshman from Nevada’s 4th Congressional District has declared that he isn’t “articulate, well-spoken,” and that he’s not “slick or polished” several times.