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EDITORIAL: Clinton must reveal stance on Keystone pipeline

When Hillary Clinton launched her 2016 presidential campaign this spring, she boldly proclaimed on social media that she, unlike the GOP, was "looking forward to a real discussion" about the issues facing Americans. As we saw last week, however, her desire to have "a real discussion" about the issues does not apply to the Keystone XL pipeline.

EDITORIAL: Needless dispensary delays

Clark County government decided more than a year ago that it wanted medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in unincorporated areas. We know this because county commissioners last year passed an ordinance allowing the dispensaries, then spent weeks meeting with lobbyists and juiced insiders before awarding coveted licenses.

EDITORIAL: The Henderson way

There'€™s an old saying that people are best judged by what they do when they believe no one'€™s watching them. That certainly holds true in Henderson, where Mayor Andy Hafen is more than happy to let taxpayers serve his family instead of vice versa.

EDITORIAL: End betting prohibition

Remember the great era of Prohibition in the United States, from 1920 through 1933? That worked out really well, didn'€™t it? It didn't create a black market, right? It didn't cause government to lose valuable tax revenue, particularly during the Great Depression, right?

EDITORIAL: Blue-card banishment

While Americans enjoy a level of independence that is arguably among the highest in the world, there is also no doubt that many of our freedoms are constantly under attack from every level of government. And no freedom has faced more scrutiny lately than the rights granted by the Second Amendment.