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EDITORIAL: Proposed Chicago tax hike a horrible solution to public pension problem

On Tuesday, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the city's 50 aldermen that if they didn't pass the largest property tax increase in Chicago's recent history, the city "would become unlivable." Mr. Emanuel wants to increase property taxes by a record $588 million over the next four years to bolster police and fire pensions. He's also seeking other new fees and tax increases to offset Chicago's annual budget deficit. Those increases include a new garbage-hauling fee, new taxes on electronic cigarettes and ride sharing, and increases on building permit and taxi fees.

EDITORIAL: Keeping sage grouse off endangered species list saves West

Washington seldom passes up a chance to bring the heavy hand of federal power crashing down on state and local authority. That's precisely why Nevada leaders and those in other Western states have worked so hard for so long to preserve the greater sage grouse, a ground-dwelling bird that environmentalists want protected under the Endangered Species Act. If the bird is ever listed as threatened or endangered, it will severely limit land use throughout the region and greatly harm the ranching and energy industries.

EDITORIAL: Voters should demand specifics from presidential candidates

Selecting a presidential candidate to support is a frustrating task. The average voter remembers that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was involved in a bridge scandal, that Hillary Clinton has email issues and that businessman Donald Trump has a loud mouth and louder hair, but do most voters really know where those three — or any of the other candidates — really stand on the issues?

EDITORIAL: Hillary plan is Obamacare 2.0

By now, you'd think Hillary Clinton would have learned enough from past mistakes to leave health care alone. You'd think the Democratic presidential candidate would have the sense to tell voters, "You punished my party in last year's election because the Affordable Care Act did precisely the opposite of what we promised, and so I vow as president to unwind this law, reduce government control of health care and make things better for struggling families."