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EDITORIAL: End oil export ban

Back in the 1970s, when an Arab oil embargo sent U.S. gas prices soaring and created long lines at the pumps, our leaders in Washington set out to protect our energy interests by, among other things, instituting a domestic oil export ban — a ban that exists to this day. But now, 40 years later, with U.S. oil production at an all-time high, it's time to lift the ban and sell the oil to foreign markets that want it.

EDITORIAL: Congress must make Internet service permanently tax-free

The Internet is the biggest platform for innovation and creativity the world has ever seen. It has revolutionized the way we communicate, research, entertain ourselves and do business. These changes have come about so quickly because, among other reasons, Internet service has been free of the taxation that boosts consumer costs for other forms of telecommunications.

EDITORIAL: Photographer's exhibit is vintage Nevada

It's appropriate that Jeff Scheid's first solo photography exhibit is being staged at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City. Over the course of his 34-year career at the Review-Journal, Mr. Scheid has documented as much Nevada history as anyone, capturing iconic images from boxing rings and desert landscapes, courtrooms and showrooms, crime scenes and casinos.

EDITORIAL: Minimum wage increases kill jobs

President Barack Obama has long pushed for a higher federal minimum wage, and a handful of a U.S. cities either have proposed higher minimum wages or approved them. And while Democrats will continue to champion minimum wage increases throughout the 2016 campaign, a higher minimum wage, contrary to what progressives tell us, would end up harming the people it's supposed to help.

Congress can't allow Internet service to be taxed

Nevada schoolchildren are preparing to head back to the classroom. Meanwhile, members of Congress are counting the days until they must head back to Washington. When students start cracking open laptops, lawmakers will be taking a crack at critical legislation affecting taxpayers.