Illegals can't expect same rights as citizens

To the editor:

In response to the new Arizona immigration law:

Everyone is concerned about it violating the "civil rights" of the illegals. How do our civil rights laws apply to someone who is not an American citizen? They have no rights as illegals.



Someone's crazy

To the editor:

I've read, watched and listened to every report concerning Arizona's new law directing police officers to ask suspects they have stopped if they are in the country illegally or not. Is that all? And the outrage is over what? It is illegal to be in Arizona illegally. Think about that.

And they had to pass a law to do it. And no other state has such a law. And the federal government says it goes too far. Someone is crazy out there. And it isn't the Arizonans.

If only our state government had the nerve to do the same.

Bill Wilderman

Las Vegas

It's the law

To the editor:

President Barack Obama's use of the terms "misguided" and "irresponsibility" in blasting the new Arizona immigration law is laughable. Misguided and irresponsible are terms that describe the federal government's effort to deal with border problems.

Presidents and members of Congress from both parties should be ashamed for looking the other way for far too long, bringing us to the point we are now.

Billions of dollars are lost -- only to be paid by the taxpayers of Arizona, California or Texas because of the millions of illegals who are here receiving a free education and medical benefits, not to mention the populations that are housed in state prisons.

And don't give me the humanitarian, everybody-deserves-a-chance argument. If that's what you want, change the law. Until then, enforce it.

States and state taxpayers are sick of footing the bill.

Bob Unbedacht

St. George, Utah