LETTER: Downtown Summerlin? Say it ain’t so

To the editor:

Surely my eyes must be playing tricks on me. They didn’t really change the name of The Shops at Summerlin to Downtown Summerlin, did they? (“Downtown Summerlin set to open in October,” May 16 Review-Journal).

The very word “downtown” evokes images of winos sleeping in dingy doorways of pawnshops; liquor stores with crisscrossed metal bars covering the doors and windows; acres of dark, multilevel parking structures where only the hopelessly naive walk alone or without a weapon; and overpriced restaurants with layers of business offices up high, where the occupants don’t have to look down on the squalor beneath them.

The Shops at Summerlin, on the other hand, has a nice ring to it. Where would you rather go to shop?