LETTERS: Pelosi's hypocrisy rears head on Syria

To the editor:

I was a tad confused reading the Review-Journal’s coverage of the Syrian crisis on Sept. 6 (“Syria strike still up in air”). The article stated that Nancy Pelosi was not lobbying her sidekicks in Congress over this issue because they had not had time to read the details before casting a vote on the issue.

Does this mean that Rep. Pelosi has had an epiphany on reading before signing and voting on the issues? Or does she just pick and choose which ones to act intelligently on, and to heck with the others? What about ObamaCare, which she demanded Congress pass before anyone knew what was in it because no one had been given the time to read it?

How frightening for our country’s future to have such people in positions of power.



Imperial ruler

To the editor:

In response to Gordon Soeder’s letter (“Water recession,” Sept. 6 Review-Journal), people need first to understand the main reason for Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, Lake Havasu, Parker Dam and many other downstream water encampments. In two words: Imperial Valley.

For Mr. Soeder and many others who have written letters condemning Las Vegas for being a growing city in a desert with no water, they first need to understand what happens in Imperial Valley. If building a city the size of Las Vegas is ridiculous, then attempting to grow fields of rice in the Mojave Desert is insane.

There is no need for drastic measures such as desalinization or pumping groundwater from up north. The massive waste of water used to irrigate the Mojave Desert, to the scale of Imperial Valley, needs to be considered before chastising Las Vegas’ growth. The whole Imperial Valley conception is and will be the destruction of the limited water resources of the Colorado River. What is grown there can easily be grown in better climates in the United States.

We should let Imperial Valley return to its natural state, because the laws of physics dictate that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Continuing the massive waste of water from ridiculous farming in Imperial Valley puts an unbalanced force in nature, a far greater force than Las Vegas doubling in size.



Presidential pressure

To the editor:

President Barack Obama has been pressured from many sides to take action against Syria for alleged use of chemical weapons. Somehow, the United States has embraced the mantel of policeman for the world, a role that our military has accepted, flexing its muscle against weaker foes.

This role has costs and benefits, though the U.S. taxpayer isn’t served in either case. Keeping our armaments on station at the ready, plus the cost of launching missiles costing tens of millions of dollars each, amounts to hundreds of millions in spending each week.

I believe that our interests are better served by establishing hospitals, schools, food and shelter for the 2 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon — a far better use of that money than to waste a few hundred buildings in Syria.



Casino tax increase

To the editor:

Of all the stories I have read by various journalists regarding increases in the Clark County fuel and sales taxes, what I haven’t seen is why the casino tax is never brought up. Currently, it is 6.75 percent. When casinos are paying upward of 50 percent and higher in other states, why is the casino tax rate in Nevada so low?

The burden always seems to fall on property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, etc. Why can’t the casino tax rate be raised to 10 percent? The casino industry profits in the billions, while property owners and residents struggle. It’s only fair that the casino industry share some of the burden. Before any more taxes are increased on the populace, the casino industry must have an increase first, at least 10 percent. That should garner the funds needed for the police and schools, without burdening the residents of this state who are already financially strapped. Nevadans must speak up on this issue.



Gas tax outrage

To the editor:

What is the Clark County Commission trying to do? Destroy the already struggling people of Las Vegas and Clark County by raising the gas tax?

I just paid my registration renewal at the Department of Motor Vehicles, for a 2012 car that hasn’t been worth $15,000 since I drove it off the lot. How much did I pay? $493.

I’m already paying for roads as I get ripped off by the DMV. And now the Clark County Commission? I guess the only way to get it back is to apply for government assistance. When are we going to get a break from the ever-stealing government?



Douglas’ throat cancer

To the editor:

It has been reported that actor Michael Douglas is suggesting his recent throat cancer could have been caused by engaging in oral sex. What a boon for the prophylactic industry, not to mention CVS and Walgreens.

Naturally, what could follow is the introduction into our economically stressed marketplace of condoms for the tongue, which is bound to prompt some debate. Should high schools, for example, be allowed to distribute them to their more sexually active students? And if so, will there be a requirement to warn students that use of this product might further garble their speech?

Of course, it might be worth having such a product if the label contained the following warning: Sold strictly for the prevention of making bizarre statements.