Reader applauds Clark County libraries


We won! Regarding my View letter in April, wherein I praised our library district for being nominated one of the 10 finalists in the country for the prestigious National Medal for Museum and Library Service award. Well, our Las Vegas-Clark County Library District was chosen this month as one of only 10 awardees in the country! This is America’s highest honor award conferred on museums and libraries for services to the community. In this we can all be proud.

The award was presented by first lady Michelle Obama in a ceremony at the White House.

We won because we have among the best library leadership in the country. Library district Executive Director Jeanne Goodrich’s excellent leadership has instilled in all our branches and branch managers to be No. 1. Their excellence is the living proof of Goodrich’s leadership by example philosophy.

The same goes in our Spring Valley Library — innovative, dedicated branch manager Nikki Winslow and astute, efficient computer lab manager Johnny Parker with excellent staffers. And the entire Clark County proficient branch managers and staffers do us proud.

— Clyde Dinkins, Las Vegas