The unfair burden is shouldered by taxpayers

To the editor:

In response to the Monday letter "Unfair burden," by David Chess:

I agree that during this ongoing state budget crisis there is a group of citizens shouldering an unfair burden. But that group is the taxpayers who are struggling to put food on their tables and roofs over their heads while at the same time paying for the fat salaries and exorbitant benefit and retirement packages of government employees.

What we need is less government and fewer of our hard-earned tax dollars being wasted on non-essential bureaucracies that do nothing but create work for other nonessential bureaucracies.

I'm truly sorry to hear that Mr. Chess is "constantly wondering if his job and income is stable." Welcome to the real world, Mr. Chess. We lowly taxpayers in the private sector have had to worry about that every day of our employed lives.

If our elected officials had the courage, they would cut the size of local and state governments in half, get rid of all the nonessential agencies and outsource every possible service.

Of course, that's as absurd as Mr. Chess's dream of a "temporary" tax increase.

No, Mr. Chess, we the citizens of Nevada will not understand.

More taxes are not the answer to this problem.

Bill Edwards


Mere dirt

To the editor:

The trial for K.S. Mohammed should not be held in New York City because this man was involved in trying to bring down the city. The people of New York do not deserve to be inconvenienced by him.

Let him see a military base where our proud troops live. Let him find out we don't want to share any more than we have to with him because it is a privilege to live in America. He doesn't count as more than dirt.

Ann J. Turnbull