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Surrender on Iran nuclear deal makes U.S. less secure

In selling the nuclear deal reached with the Iranian regime in Vienna last week, President Barack Obama repeatedly made the point that this accommodation with one of the world‘s most repressive and aggressive regimes is based not on trust, but on verification.

EDITORIAL: DA must open witness payment program to scrutiny

The Clark County district attorney‘€™s office has worked to keep much of its witness payment program secret for years by arguing that confidentiality was necessary to protect witnesses. But it’€™s painfully obvious that payments have been shielded from public scrutiny to protect something else: prosecutors‘€™ rear ends.

EDITORIAL: Emails strongly suggest Benghazi obfuscation, need for investigation

To many on the left, the word “Benghazi” has become a punchline, and the Republicans’ continued investigation into the deadly events there has become a joke. In the wake of the September 2012 attack, the Obama administration made a concerted effort to convince the American public that the incident was not the result of a failure of policy, but rather that it had occurred spontaneously in response to an anti-Muslim Internet video.