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EDITORIAL: EPA runoff policy all wet

A larger, more powerful federal government hits taxpayers from all sides. In addition to income tax withholding, Washington increasingly imposes costs on state and local governments that create pressure for even more tax increases. Case in point: the creation of an entirely new state division to appease an overreaching federal bureaucracy.

EDITORIAL: NLV should have handed off Lee probe at start

The idea that an elected official can be impartially investigated by a police agency overseen by that official is ridiculous. It’s such an obvious conflict of interest that any in-house criminal inquiry is a waste of time and resources. An outside agency immune from political pressure must be brought in to ensure independence and protect the integrity of whatever case is built.

EDITORIAL: Henderson unanimity

Dissent is vital to democracy. It highlights problems that otherwise might go unnoticed and unresolved. It forces the majority to reconsider entrenched positions. Dissent changes minds. When there is no dissent, the masses lose their voice and the government loses touch.

Legislature should pass synchronization of medications bill

I am one of the 1.5 million Americans who suffer from lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage the skin, joints and internal organs. To treat my condition, I use seven prescription medications. Because each prescription has a different refill date and a different pill allotment, there are some months when I have to travel to the pharmacy every week to pick up the medicine I need.