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EDITORIAL: BLM’s cattle battle ends — for now

The Bureau of Land Management finally made one prudent decision in its battle with rancher Cliven Bundy: withdrawing. The weeklong feud began with the BLM rounding up hundreds of Mr. Bundy’s cattle, and reached heightened tension levels by Saturday afternoon in a 20-minute standoff between armed ranchers and law enforcement officers.

SEIU shouldn’t have to bargain for wage-cut restoration

Given the well-known anti-union stance of the Review-Journal editorial board, it should come as no surprise that the nearly 9,000 members of Service Employees International Union Nevada take serious issue with the newspaper’s April 5 editorial, “Bargain for it.” We’d like to set the record straight.

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EDITORIAL: Bargain for it

Imagine the outrage from local public employee unions if any Nevada government tried to cut worker pay outside the collective bargaining process. The North Las Vegas City Council tried only to freeze employee pay and block costly pay raises through an emergency declaration, but the city’s unions successfully sued to restore those raises. (Never mind that the city couldn’t afford them.)

EDITORIAL: Victory for free speech

The left is predictably apoplectic over the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the cap on the total amount of money an individual donor can contribute to federal candidates and party groups during a single, two-year election cycle. One candidate declared Wednesday’s 5-4 ruling in McCutcheon v. FEC the court’s worst decision “since the Dred Scott case reaffirmed slavery in 1857.”

EDITORIAL: Downtown strike

Voting to strike and actually going on strike are two very different things. On Thursday, the Culinary Local 226 did the former. If the union follows through on the latter, it will be the group’s most significant work stoppage in Las Vegas in 30 years.

EDITORIAL: Miller, Democrats overreach to expose donors

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller is no fan of anonymous political speech, never mind the country’s long history of such protected expression. But the collective push from Democrats to root out conservative donors reveals the backers of such speech have good reason to keep their names secret.