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EDITORIAL: Freedom of Information Act requires vigorous defense

Before signing the Freedom of Information Act into law in 1966, President Lyndon Johnson made it clear to those closest to him that he strongly disliked the legislation. According to Bill Moyers, Mr. Johnson’s press secretary at the time, the president “hated the thought of journalists rummaging in government closets.” By the time Mr. Johnson actually signed the legislation, however, even the president had to publicly concede FOIA’s importance “in an open society in which the people’s right to know is cherished and guarded.”

EDITORIAL: Secrecy shrouds all levels of government

Everybody pull out your Macaulay Culkin shocked-face masks. Hillary Clinton, another relic of the 1990s, engaged in secretive and possibly illegal communications at the highest levels of government. During her four-year stint as secretary of state in the Obama administration, Mrs. Clinton not only used her private account for all email communications, but she did so on a private server located in her New York home. Talk about covering your tracks.

EDITORIAL: Leung should retain municipal judgeship

The 2014 general election ballot forced voters to study more than two dozen District Court and Family Court races. The 2015 municipal primary election is much less daunting, with just one contested judgeship valleywide. But it’s no less important for Las Vegas voters to cast an informed ballot April 7: One day, they could find themselves in Municipal Court, which hears misdemeanor offenses and small civil matters.