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Campaigning on faith in America

America is officially a secular nation, but religion is never very far from the surface in her politics. The Constitution is clear — the government will never establish an official state religion, it will never prohibit the free exercise of religion and it may never impose a religious test for public office.

EDITORIAL: Nevada fails integrity survey, but could ace it with more reform

Nevada has finished near the bottom of yet another state survey. But unlike the state's biggest policy challenges — lifting K-12 achievement, decreasing suicides and improving mental health care among them — Nevada could immediately jump to the top of this particular list at no cost to the public. All it would take is Nevada lawmakers' full embrace of integrity and transparency.

EDITORIAL: Six reasons why president was wrong to reject Keystone

This month, after stalling for a ridiculous seven years, President Barack Obama officially rejected the construction of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada. The announcement was anticlimactic and hyper-political. The president repeatedly has downplayed Keystone's economic benefits and sided with environmentalist donors who claim the "dirty" and "unsustainable" pipeline would be too risky for the environment.

EDITORIAL: A new day for MMA

The statement that Las Vegas lacks big-league sports isn't true. The city is the undisputed combat sports capital of the world and home base for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world's top mixed martial arts organization.