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EDITORIAL: Amid Hafen hubbub, panel wisely leaves Henderson charter intact

Andy Hafen’s second term as mayor of Henderson will be his last. The Nevada Supreme Court declared as much earlier this year when it issued a surprising clarification on the state constitution’s voter-approved term limits amendment. And the city’s citizen Charter Committee assured as much last week when it declined to recommend a change to Henderson’s governance structure that could have kept Mr. Hafen in office through the end of the decade.

EDITORIAL: Firefighter body armor

Determined killers, deranged gunmen and terrorist threats have forced local emergency responders to rethink their approach — and their safety — in active-shooter and multiple-casualty scenarios.

EDITORIAL: As lake declines, plan for pipeline

The news coming from Lake Mead was disconcerting, though not surprising: its water level continues to fall. As reported Friday by the Review-Journal’s Henry Brean, the lake declined to a record low of 1,081.82 feet above sea level late Wednesday night, a depth not seen since 1937, when Hoover Dam was completed and Colorado River water steadily rose behind it. Lake Mead will continue to shrink for several weeks.

EDITORIAL: Lerner must testify without immunity in IRS scandal

The investigation into IRS targeting of conservative groups is dragging on like a Las Vegas summer. Not because, as the Obama administration and Democrats charge, this is a “phony scandal,” and certainly not for lack of proof, as more evidence turns up almost every day. Rather, it’s the agency’s complete lack of cooperation — to the point of lawlessness — particularly from tea party-targeting ringleader Lois Lerner.

EDITORIAL: Fracking economy

Remember when the environmental lobby was totally on board with natural gas, and even the hydraulic fracturing required to bring more of it to market? It was only five years ago. Ronald Bailey, writing for, noted that in an August 2009 article for the Energy Future Coalition, arch-liberals Timothy Wirth and John Podesta proclaimed shale gas “a bridge fuel to a 21st-century energy economy that relies on efficiency, renewable sources and low-carbon fossil fuels such as natural gas.”

How about these laws?

Although the 2015 session of the Nevada Legislature is still eight months away, lawmakers have already begun to ask the dedicated and long-suffering lawyers at the Legislative Counsel Bureau to start drafting proposed laws.

EDITORIAL: Colorblind Harry Reid continues to divide

Harry Reid is the da Vinci of distraction. The moment any scandal, policy failure or political defeat crashes down on him — and there have been plenty the past few years — the Senate majority leader unleashes outrageous rhetoric that’s better suited for a sandbox than what once passed for the world’s greatest deliberative body. Worse, the Nevada Democrat has become especially fond of slinging race cards just to crank up the outrage.

EDITORIAL: Merit pay, incentives can help boost low-performing schools

The lack of “teacher equity” in education systems across the country — including the Clark County School District — is by design. School districts and teacher unions have long embraced contracts and policies that ensure a steady flow of exceptional, experienced teachers to stable, higher-achieveing, higher-income, less-violent campuses where parents are more involved. Meanwhile, lower-achieving, lower-income, more-violent schools with higher minority enrollment and less parental involvement serve as training grounds for the newly hired — and the last stops for poor teachers who should be fired.