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EDITORIAL: UMC another victim of Obamacare

Friday’s announcement that University Medical Center had eliminated more than 100 positions, including some nursing jobs, wasn’t all that surprising. The region’s only public hospital has lost hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years, receiving public bailout after public bailout. Operating deficits are projected to continue well into the future, so the hospital had to cut payroll and shut down money-draining operations to ensure the system’s survival.

On Earth Day, what’s ‘green’ perhaps really isn’t

This Earth Day, a host of organizations and companies are urging you to “go green.” We all like to give Mother Nature some love, but what does being “green” really mean? Unfortunately, a look beyond the rhetoric and into the science reveals that many ostensibly “green” products, from green buildings to GMO-free foods, are little more than glitzy marketing campaigns.

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EDITORIAL: Obamacare’s true numbers reveal failure

On the afternoon of April 1, President Barack Obama pulled out the pom-poms and assumed the role of cheer captain at the White House Rose Garden to celebrate the great Obamacare victory. The Affordable Care Act had reached its purported goal of 7 million sign-ups, and by the March 31 deadline, no less.