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CDC’s definition of binge drinking grossly misguided

Thinking of enjoying a few glasses of wine or spiked eggnog at your holiday party this year? Even if you have a designated driver and only consume a few beers, according to a widely publicized study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that’s “binge drinking” and it’s costing the U.S. billions of dollars each year.

EDITORIAL: Let Uber be Uber

To build a 21st-century economy, Nevada needs 21st-century companies. But a District Court judge’s embrace of a decidedly 20th-century regulatory structure has chased off one of the country’s most popular high-tech businesses — and denied hundreds of residents the jobs it supports.

World can’t afford Iran nuke deal delay

No deal was reached in Vienna regarding the Iranian nuclear threat. Instead, the parties agreed to a seven-month extension to reportedly build upon the momentum of the previous year’s diplomacy. While the Iranians take advantage of additional time to further expand their nuclear infrastructure, perhaps it’s time that the world learns the truth about the so-called partners with whom the United States and its P5+1 counterparts have been engaging in “diplomacy.”

EDITORIAL: City overreaches with Downtown Achieves

Municipal governments in Nevada have nothing to do with education. Cities have no role in funding schools, no role in governing schools and no role in setting education policy. That has always bothered plenty of elected city council members over the years, because platitudes about schools help candidates win low-turnout municipal elections.

Uber latest victim of protectionism

Armed government agents wearing bulletproof vests, some with black ski masks, cornering a vehicle on a public street. In most big cities, such a scene might transpire during a hostage-rescue mission or the apprehension of dangerous criminals. In Las Vegas, though, it could just be the taxi police.