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Getting taken for a ride

Much has been made in the last few days of Uber’s arrival in Las Vegas. What many fail to realize, however, is that Uber is in willful violation of Nevada’s laws.

EDITORIAL: Voters want accountability from schools

Here’s some sobering perspective on Tuesday’s overwhelming defeat of Question 3, The Education Initiative: Even if voters had approved the business margins tax and injected hundreds of millions of new tax dollars into Nevada’s underperforming K-12 system, it would have done nothing — nothing! — to address the state’s school construction, renovation and technology needs.

What’s a promise worth?

Before last week’s election, a host of people who opposed the soundly defeated Education Initiative hinted at or promised outright that they would work hard after the election to ensure Nevada’s schools were properly funded.

EDITORIAL: Sandoval’s chance to reform Nevada

Nevada voters sent a pair of messages in Tuesday’s midterm elections. They trust Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval to deliver on his promise to improve the state’s underperforming education system. They did not trust the promises of Question 3 supporters to do the same.