Nothing to smell here: Utilities Commission hopes to go fragrance-free

CARSON CITY – There goes the Axe body spray.

The Nevada Public Utilities Commission is asking the public to go fragrance-free to accommodate people with chemical sensitivities.

A notice sent out May 6 by Breanne Potter, assistant commission secretary, said the agency will post signs at the front of each of its offices asking the public “as a courtesy to refrain from wearing personal care products with synthetic fragrances while in the building.”

The signs will state: “To accommodate individuals who enter the commission office who are chemically sensitive to fragrances and other scented products, please use sparingly or not at all: perfume, aftershave, scented hand lotion, fragranced hair products, and/or similar products.”

Commission notices of all consumer sessions will contain similar language.

The announcement also says that any member of the public with such a sensitivity may request to watch commission proceedings from an adjoining hearing room if it is available.

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