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No longer running, Reid refunds $864K to donors

Over the course of a week early in May, Sen. Harry Reid cut $864,226 in refunds to campaign donors, money he no longer needed --€” and could no longer keep legally --€” after announcing he was retiring from the Senate at the end of next year.

Rumsfeld lays down rules in Las Vegas

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said the Iranian nuclear deal would increase funding for global terrorism, defended capitalism from attacks by both Democrats and Republicans and said America shouldn‘t try nation building in other lands.

Ramsey recall would make history

Following a series of highly criticized actions, including allegations that she dismissed cases out of spite for the city attorney and put her personal legal expenses on a city purchasing card, North Las Vegas Municipal Judge Catherine Ramsey is set to face a recall vote.

Nevada PERS shortfall looks better for 2014

Nevada‘s Public Employees Retirement System in 2013 was a contributor to an overall $968 billion shortfall among 238 public pension systems nationwide, an increase over the previous year of $54 billion, The Pew Charitable Trusts reported Tuesday.