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Assembly District 4

With Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore running for Congress instead of seeking re-election in District 4, six candidates are vying for her vacant seat — one of the most crowded races in the district in years.

Assembly District 2

Four Democrats and two Republicans are running in the primary to represent Assembly District 2 in the Legislature next year, but the battle that is drawing the most attention is between GOP incumbent John Hambrick and challenger Clayton “Kelly” Hurst .

Assembly District 1

Two Republicans, including the great-grandson of “Wizard of Oz” author L. Frank Baum, are running in the June 14 primary for a chance to represent Assembly District 1, but voter demographics suggest the seat will stay in Democratic hands come November.

State Senate District 5

Joyce Woodhouse said she wants another four years in the Nevada Senate so she can help build on education reforms approved during the 2015 legislative session. Her Democratic primary opponent wants Nevada to feel the Bern.

State Senate District 6

Two Republicans are squaring off for the nomination for the state Senate District 6 seat, after both were on opposing sides of the Assembly’s vote on a historical $1.5 billion tax increase the Legislature passed in 2015 for public education.

Assembly District 41

Solidly connected party workers with new ideas and connections will face off against old-guard candidates with years of life experience in both parties’ primary elections for Democratic-leaning Assembly District 41.