'Crosswalk to nowhere' will lead to new trail

Readers who contact me overwhelmingly throw their support behind the magnetic levitation train to Anaheim, Calif., calling the DesertXpress system "the train to nowhere." But Dennis has a couple other "nowhere" projects.

Here's his beef: We all know the "bridge to nowhere" in Alaska, but how about the "crosswalk to nowhere" in Las Vegas? I am referring to the new "Z" crosswalk being installed on Alta Drive just west of the Suncoast Casino. There is a sidewalk on the south side of the street, but no sidewalk on the north side, just a fence along the golf course. Is this foolish spending of our city tax monies?

The crosswalk might be going to nowhere right now, Dennis, but it has plans. Big plans. This crosswalk will eventually lead to the city's new Angel Park trail on the north side of Rampart Boulevard. Because the trail is still under construction, the area on the north side has been fenced off. Those panels will be removed in the next month, allowing access by pedestrians, bicyclists and other users of non-motorized vehicles. The new trail is three miles that stretches from Bruce Trent Park all the way to Alta Drive.

This is a $4.9 million project funded by the Bureau of Land Management.

This from Ken: I, and others who live in the neighborhood, are curious about whatever is being built at the intersection of Durango and Westcliff drives. The perfectly good parking lot which previously occupied this site has been torn out, the grade level lowered and several footings for lights or something installed. What's going on there?

This project is the Regional Transportation Commission's new park-and-ride facility, which will offer express trips downtown on the new ACE system. This building will be similar in design to the newly opened Centennial Hills park and ride. The station just west of Durango is expected to open in the fall.

Donn has presented a mystery: I encountered a "technical difficulties, please try again" message when I attempted to obtain and print out a duplicate vehicle registration online this morning. I called the DMV Customer Service Las Vegas office (waiting time on hold approximately 15 minutes) and the rep told me, "We've had a problem for about a week and a half, and we don't know when it will be fixed."

So, I'm wondering if the delay in fixing the problem is due to the budget cutbacks?

Here's the mysterious part. The higher-ups at the DMV had no clue what I was talking about when I raised your concerns, Donn. They are unaware of any systemic problem that would prevent customers from registering their vehicle or printing documents online. Regardless, I thought I'd toss in this question because the DMV types emphasized the importance of enabling your "cookies" and Java Script when using these online services. "If you don't it's just not going to work," said spokesman Kevin Malone. "It will just say we're having technical problems. It's a combination of customer error and vaguely worded error messages on our part, but it's not systemic."

Richard feels trapped living on Valley View just south of the 215 Beltway: Warm Springs is a major street that we travel. For at least the last six months Warm Springs has been "under construction" at Decatur. Can you tell me what is going on there and when will it be finished?

In an effort to create an additional east-west thoroughfare in the southwest quadrant of the valley, Clark County planners are running Warm Springs Road under Decatur Boulevard. The construction you've witnessed the last several months is the underpass below the railroad. Warm Springs is supposed to open by the end of the summer, according to county types.

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