Good news, bad news

This week, readers get some good news about one southern Las Vegas Valley interchange and bad news about another such junction.

And the Road Warrior hears from a reader who sounds off about sound walls.

Mal Singer asks: I live on East Silverado Ranch Boulevard. Do you have any idea when the new offramp from southbound Interstate 15 will open?

Soon, Mal.

The $40.2 million project constructing a new I-15 interchange at Silverado Ranch -- the first brand-new southern valley I-15 connection in quite some time -- should be practically finished by the end of the month.

"It's in its final stages," said Bobby Shelton, spokesman for Clark County's public works department, which is constructing the new junction. "We're hoping to try to finish up the project by the first of October, if everything goes well."

The northbound I-15 onramp and offramp are already open, and have been for some time. It's the southbound side that's prepping for a grand opening. Soon drivers will be able to come and go in any direction.

"It'll open up as a full interchange," Shelton said. "We have to pave the ramps, make sure all the traffic signals are sitting in the right places. It's just finishing work."

Even after the October opening, drivers should still watch for orange barrels and the occasional worker or two in the area.

"There may be some work going on" through the end of October. "But the majority of the large work will be done."

A reader asks: When will they reopen the I-15 ramps at St. Rose Parkway? It's been a major headache for me.

Keep the aspirin handy. There's a long wait for things to get back to normal at the I-15 interchange at St. Rose, also known as state Route 146. There, a $61 million fix-up has been under way since early 2006.

"That (project) should be done by next June" said Bob McKenzie, a spokesman for the Nevada Department of Transportation, which is rehabilitating the St. Rose interchange.

Drivers can expect current lane restrictions to be in effect until then.

"It'll continue all the way through the project," McKenzie said.

Those restrictions include the shutdown of the southbound I-15 onramp from St. Rose. Drivers are being detoured to the Sloan Road interchange south of there to get onto I-15.

Also, drivers can expect occasional overnight lane closures on both I-15 and St. Rose around the junction between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., Sunday nights through Friday mornings.

Drivers, beware: traffic fines are being doubled in the work zone, according to state officials.

Hit 'n' Run: Sound walls, schmound walls. That's the vibe I get from Road Warrior unindicted co-conspirator G.B. Lane, who's had it up to here with such walls along U.S. Highway 95 just south of downtown Las Vegas.

Lane wonders why engineers are crying poor on adding new lanes, but spending money on walls.

"I hear cries about not having enough money to do the job, and then they go out and install those sound walls. On top of that, they painted part of the walls," Lane wrote. "For Pete's sake, why spend money on paint for concrete!

"Secondly, (at) the Charleston (Boulevard) exit southbound on the freeway, the street lights have been off since they started (work)," he wrote. "I called and complained about it, but obviously they don't have the money to turn them back on! Shame!!!"

Whaddya say, G.B.? I can't hear you with all this traffic buzzing by. Wish I had a sound wall.

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