Tom Hanks, Jeff Bridges, William Shatner, Dr. Oz assist Brian Evans in fight against sleep apnea

Las Vegas singer and author Brian Evans met with television’s Dr. Oz at Brian’s home on the Hawaiian island of Maui. They discussed sleep apnea, hospital negligence and hospital-rating organizations that grade hospitals that they have never visited.

Brian’s mother, Helen Bousquet, died after knee surgery. Despite the hospital knowing that she had sleep apnea, Helen was placed in an unmonitored recovery room, given morphine and deprived of continuous positive airway pressure therapy.

“What happened to my mother will not be overlooked,” said Brian. He gave Dr. Oz copies of the 34 gubernatorial proclamations he has received to date that bring attention to sleep apnea. Jeff Bridges and William Shatner also have helped Brian to bring attention to the condition.

“This is about my mother’s contribution to this world besides being the best mother I could ever want. She went into that hospital in order to walk better. Instead, I’m meeting with Dr. Oz. That wasn’t the way the story was supposed to be.”

Brian, who is running for Congress in 2018, has created a website for his late mother,, which is introduced by Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks. “My mother deserved someone better than me to introduce who she is,” Brian concluded.