Cleveland poised to quell uproar

South Korea promises a safe environment if it is granted the 2018 Winter Olympics despite recently being on the receiving end of explosive projectiles launched from its northern neighbor.

Officials in Brazil echoed a commitment to nonviolence for its 2016 Summer Olympics despite the city of Rio de Janeiro being besieged this week by widespread violence.

Another upbeat forecast out of Britain said a national terror threat will remain at a severe level during the 2012 London Olympics.

The day after London was awarded the Olympics in 2005, suicide bombers targeted the British capital's transit network, killing 52 people.

The world might look to Cleveland for guidance with help to quell the threat of sports violence.

Cleveland police and security at Quicken Loans Arena have been working diligently with the Cleveland Cavaliers to maintain calm when LeBron James and his new Miami Heat teammates invade the shores of Lake Erie on Thursday for James' first game at his former home.

To ensure James' safety, dozens of extra police officers will be on hand, both uniformed and undercover, according to

"Honestly, I'm a little bit afraid," one member of the Cavs organization told ESPN The Magazine. "Some people don't care. Their mentality is 'I've got to get this off my chest.' There's so much negative energy around this game.

"People aren't excited about the game itself. They're just like, 'I can't wait to do something.' "

Tad Carper, the Cavaliers' senior vice president of communications, said the number of media credentials requested for the game is comparable to that of a final-round conference playoff game.

Delegates from Olympic committees in Seoul, Rio de Janeiro and London have not requested credentials.

At least not yet.

■ PRESIDENTIAL ELBOW -- LeBron James is hoping next week's game does not get as physical as the one President Barack Obama played in Friday at Fort McNair near Washington, D.C.

Obama left a pickup game after an opponent's elbow hit his lip and resulted in the leader of the free world getting 12 stitches to close the cut.

A report said the five-on-five game was with friends and family, so that rules out the errant elbow belonging to a Republican.

■ RACING CZAR ROBBED -- Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has been chided for robbing cities with exorbitant fees charged to host the world's most popular racing series.

The 80-year-old racing tyrant was on the receiving end of a fleecing Wednesday night when he was attacked outside his London office and robbed of jewelry worth $314,000, according to The Associated Press.

Ecclestone was treated for a minor head injury after four men punched and kicked him.

Claims of Ecclestone gouging municipalities might have been validated simply because he was wearing that much jewelry to work.