Local Bowling Honor Roll

280+ Game
Phil Platko300Gold Coast
Chad Matthies300Sam's Town
Steven Rode299Gold Coast
Brian Trubiro299Gold Coast
Brian Trubiro299Gold Coast
Darryl Smith297Gold Coast
Keith Held290South Point
Daniel Hansak290 Gold Coast
Jim Schulte289South Point
John Kapu III289 Gold Coast
Roger Hyver289South Point
Arnold Vere289Sam's Town
Mike Hindman289Red Rock
Rick Wood289Red Rock
Leroy Struble288Gold Coast
Rob Raush288Gold Coast
Jerry Flannery287South Point
Michael Muraoka286 Gold Coast
Craig Mattox280Gold Coast
Robert Hailey280Red Rock
720+ Series
Darryl Smith820Gold Coast
Chad Matthies789Sam's Town
Chad Matthies784Sam's Town
Phil Platko783Gold Coast
Ralph Castle780Sam's Town
Arnold Gilland778Sam's Town
Keith Held778South Point
Roger Hyver775South Point
Dave Rozenbaum773South Point
Eric Fredieu770Gold Coast
Murray Hickman Sr.765 Gold Coast
Tracy McCoy762Sam's Town
John DeBenedetta758South Point
Mike Foti758South Point
Jeff Gooding758Sam's Town
Dan Cowan756Red Rock
Dave Rhoads751Sam's Town
Steven Rode750Gold Coast
Doug Beaudry749Red Rock
Paddy Pang748Red Rock
Dave Amado746Sam's Town
Andrew Graff743Gold Coast
Keith Kolozsi743Red Rock
Brian Trubiro741Gold Coast
Jerry Flannery741South Point
Eddie Duenas740South Point
Rick Wood740Red Rock
Shaun Upton739South Point
Leroy Struble739 Gold Coast
Glen White739 Gold Coast
Tim Green737Sam's Town
Steve Beckman735Sam's Town
Kevin O'Hara734South Point
Daniel Cortez733Sam's Town
Jit Landram732South Point
Nick Lindsey732Sam's Town
Tracy McCoy730 Gold Coast
Tracy Mccoy730Gold Coast
Carl Malucci729Red Rock
Brandon Disch727Gold Coast
David Prange725Gold Coast
Jay Matthews724Sam's Town
Tim Fitzhugh723Red Rock
Chris Martin723South Point
Greg Laughman723South Point
Rob Raush720 Gold Coast
220+ Game
Kim Bannister298South Point
G. Elizondo268South Point
Dotty Nadeau-Haynes264South Point
Rea Smith264Gold Coast
Becky Herman258Gold Coast
Diane Horrocks257Sam's Town
Kathy Prange256Gold Coast
Kathy Prange256 Gold Coast
Lita Evans253South Point
Michelle Hernandez246Gold Coast
Tisha Carter246South Point
Karen Bradich246Red Rock
Rachel McMillan245 Gold Coast
Kathy Young244Red Rock
Carole Coelho238South Point
Erika Mox238South Point
Sherri Stratton237 Gold Coast
Aneda Murray237South Point
Margi Turner236South Point
Erika Mox236South Point
Ali Korin236Red Rock
Melissa Bunyarattaphant235Red Rock
Roe Reynolds235South Point
Mandy Williamson233Gold Coast
Tisha Carter233South Point
Becky Herman233 Gold Coast
Jennifer Balidio232Gold Coast
Crystal Hare232 Gold Coast
Darlene Fitzsimmons231South Point
Raynell Summer231Sam's Town
Kathy Helm231Sam's Town
Becky Herman231Gold Coast
Judy Schmidt230South Point
Leslie Wade230 Gold Coast
Ellen Mox229South Point
Linda Avila229Gold Coast
Babe Kincaid227 Gold Coast
Coryn Narikawa226 Gold Coast
Coryn Narikawa226Gold Coast
Mindi Futch226 Gold Coast
Ellen Mox226South Point
Lisa Read225South Point
Trish Holthausen225South Point
Karen Lichty225South Point
Sandy Seppe225 Gold Coast
Annie Lamb224 Gold Coast
Shannon Houston224 Gold Coast
Rea Smith224Gold Coast
Erin Wilson223Gold Coast
Priscilla Hansak222 Gold Coast
Robyn Bryan222 Gold Coast
Sue Hernandez221 Gold Coast
620+ Series
Kim Bannister729South Point
Michelle Hernandez674 Gold Coast
Becky Herman658Gold Coast
G. Elizondo656South Point
Erika Mox656South Point
Rea Smith651 Gold Coast
Roe Reynolds645South Point
Dotty Nadeau-Haynes643South Point
Sandy Rothstein642Sam's Town
Debbie Langfeldt635Gold Coast
Ellen Mox634South Point
Mandy Williamson631 Gold Coast
Margi Turner627South Point
Melchora Lee626Red Rock
Erin Wilson623 Gold Coast
Toni Teahl621 Gold Coast


City of Henderson
Adult Softball League Standings
Friday Co-Rec D Division
Royal Rebels1121
Double B's932
The Dirts/Advantage581
Left Out1130
Thursday Men's D Division
Kirk for Mayor1211
EZ Money941
Ultimate Ballerz680
Global Cash Access0140
Thursday Co-Rec E Division
Forced Out950
Team Henderson860
Carpets Galore Gang2120
BCI West Tower Dogs1130
Friday Co-Rec D Division
Sierra Gold1220
Saints No More1220
Carmine Little Italy1031
Evil Shenanigans851
The Orphans3101
Black Sheep2120
Team 62120
Monday Men's D Division
Chaves Consulting1310
T-Bird Lounge1211
Green Valley Ranch761
Polar Air680
Hit & Run4100
KHS&S Contractors3110
Imperial Auto/STM2120
Tuesday Men's E Division
My Darn Bar1130
The Bulletheads1031
KO Tickets932
Main Course761
Iron Lotus671
Neighborhood Church3101
City of North Las Vegas
Adult Softball League Standings
Tuesday Night, D League
Bad Boyz20
Tommy Leigh Mortgage20
The Enforcers11
Olympic Gardens11
Nasty Boyz11
Cornwell Tools Hitmen11
La Piazza11
Hittin' .40802
Los Mayos02
Wednesday Night, D League
Eastside Cutters20
The Hitt20
Scoundrels II20
Rancho Tire20
Finnegans Pub11
Morrison Security11
North Star Bar& Grill11
Republic Services11
La Piazza02
Thursday Night, Men's D League
Sin City Combo20
B&H Radiator20
Double Down20
Las Vegas Coyotes20
Mad Dogs20
Eastside Cutters11
Run Rule11
One and Done02
Timbers/Beans & Crackers02
North Town Blue02
Us Vets02
Friday Night, Coed League
Super Freaks20
Mad Dogz20
Cobra Kai02
Ale Stars02
Spot Free02
La Piazza02
Friday Night, Coed League
Mixed Nuts20
Double DOwn20
Hit 'n Run11
Sporting Chance Saloon11
Granger Rangers02
The Mix02
The Misfits02
Farmers Insurance/Sun City Summerlin
Softball League
American Division
Nevada State Bank/Recovery Medical22191
Fantastic Swap Meet/Comfort Keepers21201
Sunrise Realty/Edward Jones20240
National Division
Imperial Capital Bank/Audiology Assoc.34121
The Walters Group/Templeton Gaming23210
Farmers Ins. Group/Neptune Society11351
Las Vegas Senior Softball Association


USTA Intermountain Super Senior
Champions and Finalists
At Darling Tennis Center
6.0 Women Champions
ArvadaTennisCenter– Arvada, Colorado
6.0 Men
Miramont Lifestyle Fitness – Fort Collins, Colorado
Boise, Idaho
7.0 Women Champions
GatesTennisCenter– Denver, Colorado
Las Vegas
7.0 Men Champions
Lewis Tennis School– Fort Collins, Colorado
8.0 Women Champions
Vail, Colorado
Helena, Montana

Women's Southern Nevada Golf Association
Laurie Johnson shot rounds of 79 and 77 at Palm Valley Golf Club in Sun City Summerlin to win her sixth WSNGA Amateur Championship.

Johnson, a member at Paiute Golf Resort, won on the first hole of a sudden-death playoff to beat Canyon Gate member Christina Monteiro.

Monteiro shot rounds of 80 and 76 to force the extra holes.

Kari Higa, a Spanish Trail member and the 2008 champion, was third placed third shooting rounds of 78 and 87.

It took a three hole playoff for Sherry Corsello of TPC Summerlin to win her third overall net championship.

Corsello, who shot net rounds of 74 and 72 beat Oasis member Sarah Bowman, who shot 72 and 74.

Soyoung Crabb of Sun City Summerlin was third with a 78 and a 69..

Italian-American Bocce League

Wednesday Division
Merluzzi's Dancers141
Boisterous Bears105
Krabby Patties96
Italian American Club87
Korp's Corner87
Grannie's Kids69
Ma Shooz510
Vegas Rollers510
Doubting Thomas's411
Mecili's Mob411
Fantastic Fallico's213
Thursday Division
Merluzzi's Dancers123
High Rollers84
Keswick's Kuties96
Italian American Club87
Ric's Clique69

Las Vegas Sports Leagues

Adult Flag Football
8-on-8 Divisions
A League
American Conference
Bad Boys620
Union Pride530
Young Guns440
National Conference
Team Live540
B League
American Conference
Prime Time710
Bad Intensions620
Black & Blue530
Top Prospects530
808 Beatdown350
The Heights260
Da Klick260
National Conference
Lexus of Las Vegas710
Paradyme Bulldogs710
Playas Only350
Total Kaos350
Skeletal Metal260
The Force170
C League
American Conference
East Division
Purple Cobras800
Glory Daze530
Guerilla Thrilla530
Team Destiny350
West Division
Phase One Sports530
Discount Tire440
Chief Rocka260
National Conference
East Division
Endzone Mafia710
Team Smash530
Mad Dogs530
Tiger Sharks440
A.I.T. Squad260
West Division
Wasted Talent620
Weekend Warriors620
Back Breakers350
D League
American Conference
East Division
LV Rage710
Battle Born710
Boot Camp Las Vegas530
Goon Squad170
West Division
East Side Connection710
Sleepless Knights530
Red Zone350
Geek Squad350
Top Guns350
National Conference
East Division
Black Hawks350
West Division
Sin City Hitmen710
LMG 2440
Dry Spell260
Freak Parade080

Southern Nevada Basketball Association

Men's League
At City Impact Center
Western Conference
Direct Title (Chris)91
D-Up (Keith)82
Mob (Shone)82
Campbell Develop (Austin)73
Viking (Jermaine)55
G-Men (Matt Muniz)46
Eastern Conference
Sunset (Jay/dc)55
Next (Don Thomas)55
Mayas (Angel)46
Hoop Ridaz (Greg Anderson)46
Free Agents (Nick)27
Mid-night (Willie Harrington)010


Direct Title 93, Midnight 53
Next 64, Mayas 51
Mob 60, D-Up 50
Campbell 48, Viking 37
Sunset 71, Hoop Ridaz 66
G-Men 81, Free Agents 79
Next 53, Hoop Ridaz 51
Free Agents 75, Midnight 68
Campbell 69, Mayas 64
Mob 67, Vikings 58
Direct Title 71, Sunset 69

Individual Scores
Direct Title 93
Midnight 53
B.J. Jackson 25, M. Dabarro 15, T. Early 21, J. Horton 0, C. Wilson 16, C. Fulce 0, Rob. Rosegreen 16, R. Heidelberg 0.
W. Harrington 4, J. Bridges 8, Alex De 10, B. Washington 4, K. Montonini 0, L. Osborne 2, K. Smith 0, A. Robinson 0.

Next 64
Mayas 51
NEXT (64)
D. Thomas 23, A. Cureton 2, M. Davis 13 A. Robinson 2, R. Griffin 8, J. Greene 16.
MAYAS (51)
A. Ortez 5, J. Hudgens 6, M. Mora 10, J. Sims 0, J. Johnson 8, C. Bailey 22, A. Richardson 0.

Mob 60
D-Up 50
MOB (60)
R. Johnson 15, S. Wright 0, S. Williams 5, K. Crockron 23, B. Weaver 0, D. Samuel 17, S. Atkinson 0.
D-UP (50)
W. Green 20, K. Johnson 9, L. Mingo 0, D. Moody 0, S. Kelly 0, D. Edwards 9, R. Williams 15, C. Hartney 0.

Campbell 48
Viking 37
H. Buchanon 7, R. Harper 0, J. Harris 12, M. Reich 0, A. Wright 5, C. Moore 8, K. Myles 12, J. Burkett 4, S. Harteman 0, S. Campbell 0.
J. Drummond 2, J.D. Drummond 0, Elliot McGee 14, J.J. Styles 2, L. Lewis 2, H. Chuck 9, Dragovich 8, R.Heidelberg 0.

Sunset 71
Hoop Ridaz 66
J. Decker 0, C. Hoskins 6, J. Smith 8, D. Glass 10, C. Martin 7, Mack Moseby 25, S. Clinscales 15.
G. Anderson 5, R. Williams 0, M. Pollard 3, V. Esannason 35, G. Burton 7, J. Anderson 7, D. Morgan 9.

G-Men 81
Free Agents 79
G-MEN (81)
J. Serrano 3, G. Marshall 28, C. Fierro 6, C. Marshall 24,C. Williams 11, M. Muniz 6, R. Fierro 3.
N. Liberatore 12, S. Harper 15, Ja. Gray 12, C. Harris 6, Leland Osborne 34, J. Greene 0.

Next 53
Hoop Ridaz 51
NEXT (53)
D. Thomas 24, A. Cureton 9, M. Davis 4, A. Robinson 9, R. Griffin 7.
G. Anderson 6, R. Williams 3, M. Pollard 6, V. Esannason 9, G. Burton 24, J. Anderson 2, D. Morgan 1.

Free Agents 75
Midnight 68
N. Liberatore 4, S. Harper 12, Ja. Gray 5, C. Harris 17, T. Johnson 2, J. Greene 35.
W. Harrington 2, J. Bridges 0, R. Brown 0, B. Washington 32, K. Montonini 18, K. Smith 16, A. Robinson 6.

Campbell 69
Mayas 64
H. Buchanon 24, R. Harper 4, J. Harris 14, M. Reich 0, A. Wright 8, C. Moore 0, K. Myles 13, J. Burkett 6, S. Harteman 0, S. Campbell 0.
MAYAS (64)
A. Ortez 7, J. Hudgens 10, M. Mora 10, J. Sims 7, J. Johnson 13, C. Bailey 17, A. Richardson 0.

Mob 67
Vikings 58
MOB (67)
R. Johnson 15, S. Wright 0, S. Williams 14, K. Crockron 11, B. Weaver 0, D. Samuel 27, S. Atkinson 0.
J. Drummond 8, J.D. Drummond 0, Elliot McGee 0, J.J. Styles 10, L. Lewis 5, H. Chuck 23, Dragovich 10, R.Heidelberg 2.

Direct Title 71
Sunset 69
B.J. Jackson 8, M. Dabarro 13, T. Early 9, J. Horton 6, C. Wilson 21, C. Fulce 12, W. Rosegreen 2.
J. Decker 0, C. Hoskins 0, J. Smith 8, D. Glass 15, C. Martin 18, Mack Moseby 23, S. Clinscales 0.

Players of the Week
K. CochramMOB
G. BurtonHoop Ridaz
J. GreeneFree Agents
J. AndersonMidnight
D. SamuelMOB
C. WilsonDirect Title
L. OsborneFree Agents
V. EsannasonHoop Ridaz
T. EarlyDirect Title
W. GreenD-Up
High Scorers
Name, TeamPoints
K. Cochram, MOB41
D. Thomas, Next38
V. Esannason, Hoop Ridaz35
J. Greene, Free Agents35
L. Osborne, Free Agents34
C. Marshall, G-Men34
J. Anderson, Midnight32
E. McGee, Vikings31
G. Marshall, G-Men28
D. Samuel, MOB27
D. Wilson, G-Men27
S. Harper, Free Agents27
H. Buchannon, Campbell27
C. Bailey, Mayas27
G. Anderson, Hoop Ridaz27
L. Mingo, D-UP27
B.J. Jackson, Direct Title26
B. Washington, Midnight26
D. Glass, Sunset26
M. Mora, Mayas26
M. Moseby, Sunset26
G. Burton, Hoop Ridaz24
D. Morgan, Hoop Ridaz24
A. Ortez, Mayas24
R. Johnson, MOB24
A. Chuck, Viking23
C. Myles, Campbell22
J. Johnson, Mayas22
S. Williams, MOB22
D. Freeman, Sunset22
K. Johnson, D-UP22
N. Liberatore, Free Agents22
J. Hudgens, Mayas22
J. Smith, Sunset22
T. Early, Direct Title21
W. Green, D-Up21
C. Wilson, Direct Title21
S. Clinscales, Sunset21
D. Moody, D-Up21
J. Horton, Direct Title20

Private Hitting Instruction with UNLV coaches
The UNLV baseball coaching staff is offering private hitting lessons to local players.
For more information, call 895-2475.

Las Vegas Dawgs
The program is looking for three players between the ages of 6 and 8 to play on an 8u club team.
The team participates in tournaments in Utah, Nevada and Arizona.
For more information, call Joe at 358-5062.

Las Vegas Wolves Adult Baseball Program
The program is currently looking for pitchers to add to its roster for the Spring season.
The Wolves play in the 18+ wood bat league.
For more information, email

Las Vegas Coyotes
The Las Vegas Coyotes baseball club is looking for a few players for its 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14-year old teams.
The Coyotes play baseball year-round in local leagues and tournaments throughout the region.
For more information, or to request a tryout, go to the progam's Web site at or call Frank at 419-5717.

CMB Hoops
CMB Hoops will host a free basketball camp on May 15 and 16 at Shadow Ridge High School to support Autism awareness.
The camp will run from 4 to 6 p.m. on May 15 and 2 to 4 p.m. on May 16 and is open to boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 16.
For more information, e-mail Brian Dragovich at

Durango Blazer Camp
The Durango High School basketball program will host a camp for boys and girls between 8 and 16 years old.
There will be two sessions of the camp at the school.
The first will run from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. from June 9 through 12, while the second will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on June 15 through 18.
The cost is $125 per session or $225 for both.
Participants will receive a t-shirt, basketball and personal evaluation.
For more information, visit the program's Web site at or call 338-9132.

Tarkanian Basketball Academy
The Tarkanian Basketball Academy is accepting registrations for its summer basketball league which runs from April 20 through June 13.
The league is open for boys and girls in kindergarten through high school and consists of skills sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and games on the weekends.
Teams will be drafted at the jamborees on April 22 and 23.
For more information or to register, please visit the TBA's Web site at or call 871-0096.

Christ the King Girls Camp
The facility will host a camp for girls that are entering grades 4 through 9 from June 22 through 24.
The camp will run from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. each day.
The cost is $95 for all registrations postmarked before May 16 and $110 thereafter.
For more information, visit the camp's Web site at or call John Bartleson at 871-1904, ext. 295.

Rec4Sports Basketball Skills Camp
The program will host a camp that aims to provide individual instruction in all phases of the game and help provide tools for success on and off the court.
The coaching staff includes former NBA players Julius Wayne and Robert Smith, as well as strength and conditioning coach Johnny Doyle and former NFL player Joe Cormier.
There will be two sessions each on both April 18 and May 9 at Dula Gym.
For more information, call 648-7539 or visit the organization's Web site at
Triple Threat Youth Organization
The organization is recruiting girls and boys basketball players between 10 and 18 years old for its traveling teams.
For more information, visit the program's Web site at or call Coach Glover at 391-3093.

Southern Nevada Basketball Association
The SNBA is accepting registrations for its upcoming adult basketball leagues.
The leagues are open to men, women, and high school-aged players.
You may register as an individual or as part of a team.
There are morning leagues on Saturdays and evening leagues on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Leagues are starting now and registration is ongoing.
For more information, call Hank at 521-4638.

Figure Skating
Las Vegas Ice Center
The Las Vegas Ice Center is accepting registrations for its Learn to Skate program.
The class meets Mondays through Wednesdays, and on Saturdays.
The program runs for eight weeks and is open to beginner children and adults.
For more information, visit the LVIC's Web site at or call 320-7777, ext. 103.

Wild West Football League
Several teams in the Wild West Football League are looking for players.
The WWFL is a tackle football league for adults.
The Henderson Wolverines are seeking players, while the Las Vegas Renegades are in dire need of linemen and coaches.
The Las Vegas Cobras need linemen and a quarterback.
For more information on the Renegades, call Coach Joe at (773)406-0278 or Coach Brandon at 278-2502.
For more information on the Wolverines, call Coach Kelly at 834-2025.
For more information on the Cobras, call Coach Mike at 642-9004.

Women's Southern Nevada
Senior Amateur Championship
The WSNGA will host its senior amateur championship on May 23 and 24 at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort.
The format is 36-hole stroke play, and is limited to the first 72 entries received.
A $120 entry fee includes green fees, cart, awards luncheon and prizes.
The tournament is open to women at least 50 years of age with a verifiable handicap administered by the Southern Nevada Golf Association.
There is no handicap index limit, but the maximum course handicap will be 36.
Players will be flighted by age, but first place gross and net may come from any flight.
The prize fund will pay at least one-third of the field.
Entries must be received by May 1.
For more information, contact Margie at or visit the WSNGA Web site at

Las Vegas Ice Center
The Las Vegas Ice Center is accepting registrations for its Hockey 1-2-3 program.
The class meets on Thursdays.
The program runs for eight weeks and is open to beginner children and adults.
For more information, visit the LVIC's Web site at or call 320-7777, ext. 103.

Mark Woodforde Clinic
The Australian doubles star will host a Pro-Am and clinic on May 3 at the Las Vegas Hilton.
Laurie Warder, Tim Blenkiron and Brett Hunter will also sever as instructors.
The cost for the clinic is $100. The Pro-Am includes the clinic and costs $300.
Sponsorship opportunities are also available.
For more information, call Glen Alex at 807-7349.

UNLV Summer Camps
The UNLV volleyball program will host five camps for boys and girls in elementary school through high school.
The camps are specialized for either individual or team teaching and will run during a two-week time period beginning on July 20 and ending on Aug. 2.
The “Youth Camp” will run from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. from July 20 through 22, while the “Team Camp” will go from 5 to 9 p.m. on July 20 through 24.
The youth camp is for boys and girls in grades 2 through 8, while the team camp is for high school teams only.
UNLV will then host its “High School Camp” from 9:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. on July 23 through 26. The camp will emphasize skill instruction, team drills and competitive play and will be divided by skill level.
An “All Skill Camp” will run from 9:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. on July 27 through 29. It is for boys and girls between grades 7 and 9. It features the same setup and premise as the high school camp.
The final camp is the “College Prep Camp,” which will run from July 30 through Aug. 2.
It focuses on position training, team drills and competitive games and features both a commuter and overnight option.
The overnight camp includes three meals per day, while the commuter version includes lunch and dinner.
For more information, visit the program's Web site at or call assistant coach Elaini Kollias at 895-1897.


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