Donald Trump really wants to buy the Buffalo Bills

It might not be a secret that Donald Trump is interested in purchasing the Buffalo Bills, but he wants people to know he’s serious.

And he wants it to be clear that he plans on leaving the team in Buffalo.

“I live in New York, and it’s easier for me to go to Buffalo than any other place,” Trump told The Buffalo News Monday. “Where am I going to move it, some place on the other side of the country, where I have to travel for five hours?”

Trump owns a share of two casinos in Atlantic City — the Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza — which put him in direct conflict with the NFL’s gambling restrictions. The NFL prohibits any NFL personnel from working for, operating or be associated in any way with a casino or other gambling-related enterprise.

And although he owns a property here in town, The Trump Hotel Las Vegas does not include a casino, so it would not be in violation with the league gambling policy.

Multiple sources have confirmed Trump has already spoken to Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon twice.

But Trump isn’t the only celebrity trying to purchase the team, according to

The Toronto Sun reported last week that Jon Bon Jovi, as part of a Toronto-based group, is also interested in purchasing the team.