Greetings from Glendale

If you are headed this way and can't afford to spend your monthly mortgage on one night's hotel room, consider this option:

The Benedictine nuns at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery offer room and board for $250 a night. The only stipulations: No smoking, no drinking, no Marriott points, which rules out the media.

It did get me thinking, though. Which biblical figures most represent some Super Bowl participants?

Tom Brady = Moses. The definitive leader.

Eli Manning = Lazarus. Raised from the dead.

Randy Moss = Aaron. Not as important as Moses (Brady), but played a big part in defeating key opponents.

Bill Belichick = Herod. The greatest builder of his time while being insistently paranoid.

Tom Coughlin = Methuselah. He didn't look a day over 969 during the NFC title game in freezing Green Bay.

Ticket brokers = Satan.

Have a nice day.