Heckler up in Tiger’s business

On the hole where Tiger Woods’ streak of 34 holes without a bogey in U.S. Open play ended Thursday at Pebble Beach, he received what one reporter tweeted was his “worst heckle since coming back.”

But it sounded surprisingly tame to us at Leftovers, making no reference to a Perkins waitress, porn stars, car accident, neck injury, voice mail or the state of his game.

After Woods — who recently told a reporter “none of your business” when asked about the state of his marriage — teed off on the ninth hole, the heckler yelled, “It is our business, Tiger. You made it our business!”

Accurate, yes. Clever, not quite.

Woods didn’t acknowledge the remark. The crowd booed, and Woods’ playing partner, Ernie Els, glared at the guy for a while, Golf.com’s David Dusek reported. Tiger then went in search of his ball.

■ MANNY BEING MINDLESS — Before former Red Sox star Manny Ramirez made his much-anticipated return to Fenway Park on Friday as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston manager Terry Francona wondered if the mercurial slugger would even know who he was.

“I don’t know if he would remember that I’m the manager,” Francona said.

David Ortiz, reportedly Ramirez’s best friend on the Red Sox, said he hadn’t spoken with Ramirez in a while.

“I even had problems talking to Manny when Manny was here,” he said. “I don’t know what was going on. It was fun.”

Red Sox outfielder J.D. Drew said of Ramirez: “He can be one of the greatest players at times, and other times, you kind of scratch your head.”

The same can be said about the low-key Drew.

■ AIR’S HEIR CALLS OUT KOBE — Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, a freshman basketball player at Central Florida, ripped Kobe Bryant when ABC ran a graphic comparing him to his famous father during Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

Jordan tweeted: “NO ONE…And I mean NO ONE should EVER com par kobe Bryant to my dad an say that he is anywhere near close to my dad. He’s jagging this game.”

Marcus “Hot Air” Jordan should enroll in a UCF English class. What the heck is jagging? He must’ve meant gagging as Bryant made only 6 of 24 shots in the Lakers’ 83-79 victory over the Boston Celtics.

But as an heir of Air Jordan, Marcus — whose Twitter bio states, in part, “I AM MARVIN THE MARTIAN!” — should know he shouldn’t talk trash unless he has the game to back it up. His own game.

■ MARADONA HAPPY, NOT GAY — Argentina soccer coach Diego Maradona was incredulous Thursday when he mistakenly thought a reporter asked him if he was gay after his team’s 4-1 World Cup win over South Korea.

In response to the question, “You’re very affectionate with your players, lots of hugs and kisses, can love help win the World Cup?” the colorful Maradona’s eyes grew as wide as when he used to snort coke.

“I still prefer women,” the legendary striker said. “I am dating Veronica. She’s 31 years old, she’s blonde, she’s beautiful.”

And there’s definitely nothing wrong with that.