Diet advice from the Djoker

Tennis star Novak Djokovic is a fan favorite for his outgoing, engaging court demeanor. He’s also great with the media because he’s usually unfiltered.

Such was the case Monday at the French Open when a reporter asked Djokovic’s advice on a gluten-free diet and would doing so make him a better writer? After Djokovic laughed at the question and composed himself, he said to the journalist: “I’m sure that gluten is a great obstacle for your writing. You should change your diet, definitely. Pizza with no gluten, it’s good, also.”

The writer said if he takes Djokovic’s advice, it will mean firing his cook at home to which Djokovic replied: “I can assume who your cook at home is. But you don’t want to say that. Greetings to your wife.”

Now that’s how to handle yourself at the post-match presser. Nicholas Mahut, take note. Don’t be so surly next time when a reporter congratulates you after losing then you only accept further questions in French to get even. Mahut got ticked off when an English journalist was led to believe he had won when he had indeed lost and admitted he had not seen Mahut’s first-round match.