Wrestler wins title; A.D. pockets bonus

In deference to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which was awesome, and the NCAA women’s championship game featuring unbeaten teams, which was not awesome, despite what ESPN would have you believe, I had been holding onto this item about the Ohio State athletic director.

A couple of weeks ago, when the Buckeyes’ Logan Stieber won the NCAA’s 141-pound wrestling championship, Gene Smith, the school’s A.D., received a $18,000 bonus.

Logan Stieber, meanwhile, received the admiration and respect of his teammates and opponents. I think they also give you a medal.

Smith, who has a base salary of $940,484, is one of the highest paid athletic directors in the NCAA. If Ohio State continues to win championships in minor sports, he could earn as much as $1.5 million in salary and bonuses.

I’m not sure if this union thing they’re talking about at Northwestern is the right way to go, because when there are unions, there can be strikes, and if there is a strike in college football, we might not get to see Michigan play Ohio State or Alabama play Auburn or even Army play Navy.

But when one reads about Gene Smith making another $18,000 because one of the Buckeyes won a wrestling title, one tends to lean toward the side of the student-athletes.

Er, players.