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White House tightens visa waiver program

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, the White House on Monday announced new requirements to a program that has allowed passengers from 38 countries — including Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and most of Europe — to fly to the United States without a visa.

Enjoy scenic cruise on Lake Mead or Colorado River

Cruise boats plying Lake Mead and the Colorado River offer daytime sightseeing tours, evening dinner cruises and opportunities for celebrating special events. The Desert Princess on Lake Mead above Hoover Dam and the Celebration on the Colorado at Laughlin are jaunty replica paddle-wheelers reminiscent of Mississippi River steamboats. The USS Riverside is a sleek modern cruiser built to motor upstream from Laughlin under the highway bridge toward Davis Dam.

4 reasons to spend Thanksgiving somewhere new

For many families, Thanksgiving invokes the need to go to a specific family member's house, to have the same foods year after year, and for some, shopping! While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being able to look forward to something so comforting and familiar, it can be good to shake up the usual holiday traditions a little.

Avoid these 10 costly travel mistakes

Although airfares and room rates can be inflated during peak travel season, it's possible to trim travel costs over the holidays without channeling your inner Scrooge. Here are 10 holiday travel mistakes to avoid like month-old fruitcake.

40 airport secrets only insiders know

Airports often mean long lines, big crowds and a looming headache for travelers. While traveling might be a hassle to some people, frequent travelers and insiders know the secrets to living the good life while traveling and avoiding the headaches most normal travelers experience. If you want to travel like the pros, here are 40 airport secrets and travel tips from the insiders.

7 Las Vegas experiences to gift this holiday season

You an always gift someone a light bulb from the actual Welcome to Las Vegas sign, but why stop there when you could give them a true Las Vegas experience that could leave them with memories to last a lifetime. Breaking away from the traditional gifts of candles or Christmas sweaters, here are seven Las Vegas experiences you can gift this holiday season.