7 ways Las Vegas isn’t like Vegas in the movies

Las Vegas is the setting for plenty of movies , or scenes in movies. But life in Las Vegas isn’t always how it seems on the silver screen.

Here are seven ways Las Vegas isn’t like how it’s portrayed in the movies:

1. Chances are that if you spend a night on the Strip, every bad thing will not happen to you — like in “The Hangover.”

Maybe you’ll get drunk-married. Maybe you’ll kidnap a tiger. Chances are, you won’t do both.

2. Most people in casinos are just that: regular people.

They’re not trying to rob the casino blind and they don’t “know people” who “know things.” And despite what “Ocean’s Eleven” taught you, you’re not going to get away with simultaneously robbing three major hotels.

3. You know “What Happens in Vegas”? If you’re gambling, you win some, you lose some.

Jackpots aren’t waiting around every corner — and, again, you probably won’t get drunk-married.

4. OK, we get it. It’s called Sin City for a reason. But a word of advice: If you’re trying to figure out what makes Vegas … Vegas, don’t look to Austin Powers as your tour guide.

5. Las Vegans don’t run into celebrities everywhere they go.

At least, usually that’s the case. There’s really no need to ask us if we’ve ever met Celine Dion or if we rub elbows with Donny and Marie. (Most of us don’t.)

6. Not everyone gambles.

Some people come here specifically to gamble. Some people come to do anything but. And some people who live here have never touched a slot machine. Crazy, we know.

7. The Strip isn’t a self-contained world.

It may seem like it, but it’s not. Most of Las Vegas — including the lives of people who work on the Strip — happens outside of where the movies are set. It may not be as glamorous, but it’s real.

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