Ironman, Batman among superheroes at 5-year-old’s funeral

A 5-year-old boy who lost his battle with cancer in early May got a superhero send-off when his family threw him a themed funeral.

Many superheroes were in attendance as pallbearers, including Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Ironman and Thor.

“It was hard, but I did it for him,” Cory Denton, Brayden’s uncle, told WLFI. “We went to the Superman movie with him and he was dressed up as Superman. I watched all the Ironman (movies) with him.”

Brayden Denton had a brain tumor and died on May 8 at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis after battling cancer for more than a year, according to CBS News.

The boy’s mother, Staci, knew the funeral would be unconventional, but it was what came to her mind when she was making arrangements.

“That’s what Brayden would’ve wanted,” Staci told WLFI. “He was a huge Spider-Man fan. He had to quit just liking Spider-Man because he had all the toys. So really, he liked every superhero.”

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