GoPro captures kayaker’s plunge down waterfall

A kayaker used a GoPro camera to capture his plunge down the 60-foot La Tomata waterfall in Veracruz, Mexico.

And it’s intense.

GoPro uploaded the one-minute long video to its YouTube page last week, and from second one to second 60, you can’t help but watch on the edge of your seat.

The YouTube video stars professional kayaker Dane Jackson and shows him climbing the cliff to get up above the waterfall and pulling his kayak up the cliff as well before taking the extreme plunge.

The video shows a few different views of Jackson, but the view of the plummet down the fall, which comes from a GoPro mounted on Jackson’s helmet, will really get your heart racing.

Jackson shared the video on his Facebook profile with the caption, “So stoked on it!”

Impressively, Jackson lands the kayak upright.