Mom fights ‘sexual misconduct’ label for kindergartner

Recall that classic school threat for misbehavior: “It’ll go on your permanent record”? Well, an Arizona kindergartener is facing a similar fate after he pulled his pants down on the playground. The school district has labeled 5-year-old Eric Lopez’ act “sexual misconduct” and they are sticking to their decision.

According to Gawker, the boy’s mother, Erica Martinez, wants the label changed, as she feels the terms don’t apply to the boy’s grade school antics.

“That’s not my little boy,” Martinez told AZFamily. “It’s heartbreaking to know that the school can do such a thing.”

The school district argues that they are simply following standard policy.

“The state definitely has statutes in place that have reporting requirements,” a state representative said.

Assistant superintendent Jim Dean also defended the label.

“Our school district uses consistent language for disciplinary infractions in order to provide clarity and track discipline data accurately,” Dean reported in a written statement.

AZFamily says the boy’s mother is scheduled to write a rebuttal to the report in her son’s file, so “she can have her displeasure with the decision on record.”

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