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Gabion retaining wall has many uses in your yard

Spring is just around the corner, and thoughts of new landscaping are on everyone’s mind. But something very old is one of the newest and most modern trends occupying people’s minds: gabions — wire cages filled with natural stones that blend harmoniously into the landscape. They are the latest idea being suggested by many landscape contractors and architects for new homes and homes being renovated.

Variety of insecticides work to rid house of pesky bugs

Q: My home is being overrun. Since the weather is getting warmer, I have noticed a large increase in ants and roaches. I must kill them. Tell me how.

Finding the perfect mattress takes time

Presidents Day weekend is one of the busiest times for home goods sales, so it’s a great time to stock up on those big-tag items, particularly mattresses.

It’s time to prune grapes, damaged citrus

Right now is the time to prune grapes. Prune citrus now if there has been damage from cold weather. If your citrus is young, prune it to tree form, removing side shoots to about the height of your knees. I delay pruning citrus and grapes until I am sure most of the cold weather has passed, which is mid- to late February.

Flexibility, safety key when designing child’s room

Few people realize that a child’s room is one of the most challenging of all spaces to design. You may wonder, how difficult can it be? After all, what do children really know about design? Surely they’d be satisfied with a comfortable space of their own as long as they have their favorite toys, a comfy bed, TV, etc.

Valentine’s Day: Gifts for the home

Why stick to the usual Valentine’s Day fare of flowers and heart-shaped boxes of candy when you can give a gift that will be treasured all year long? Buying a gift for the home can represent your love for someone special — or to yourself — in a much more fabulous and forever way.

Composting creates ‘black gold’ that is valuable addition to gardens

Q: Recently you recommended applying compost to lawns. I am confused if you mean steer manure. How often do you recommend doing this? When should I do my first application? My lawn is approximately 1,000 square feet. How much compost should I buy?

Catering to pets is big business for builders, designers

Dear Gail: This is more of just a general question versus a decorating problem. I’m just curious what trends you’re seeing in pet products for our homes. — Stephanie

There are several ways to hang bathroom mirror

Q: I replaced a bathroom vanity and now need to install a mirror above it. What is the safest way to do this?