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Tap into growing hops

Hops. Even if you’re not a beer lover, you associate the word with brewing.

Fixing faulty light switch can get tricky

Q: At either end of my staircase I have a light switch that turns the staircase light on and off. The problem is that the switches don’t work correctly anymore. What can I do to fix this?

Pomegranate resilient in desert, but watch overwatering

Q: A combination of overwatering and this heat caused my 9-year-old dwarf pomegranate leaves to yellow and drop on about a third of the plant. I turned off the water and hand watered it with small amounts of water. The only thing I did differently was to give the plants a small dose of Miracle-Gro in the spring. Any suggestions?

Focus on functionality when redesigning closet

Dear Gail: I’m looking to redo my master closet as it’s still just the plain two-tier builder hanging racks. I haven’t decided between hiring a closet designer or doing it myself. There are so many options and products on the market now, I was just wondering if you have a few things I should consider either way. — Maya

Rejuvenate your home with decorative florals

Give your abode a fresh makeover for summer with floral home decor in big and little ways. Get into the floral trend with an upholstered ottoman in a pretty pink petal print or go bold with a canvas pillow emblazoned with a bright begonia.

No quick fix for old irrigation system at condo community

Q: You emphasized it’s better to water longer rather than more often. But what if that’s not possible? Our small condo community has an old irrigation system with everything watered from the same lines. We irrigate for nearly 24 hours. Less than that and small plants really struggle. Is there anything we can do?

Hard wire under-cabinet lights so cord won’t show

Q: Just off of my kitchen, I have a built-in desk with some cabinets hanging above it. I thought it would make a nice work area to pay bills, take phone calls, etc. I would like to install some under-cabinet lighting. There is an outlet under the cabinets, but I don’t want a plug-in light, and I certainly don’t want a cord to show. So, how do I go about installing the light?

Free food preservation classes offered

Las Vegas is not known for home gardening, but recently there have been quiet changes in backyards across the valley. Shade tree and shrub sales are down, but sales of fruit tree and vegetable transplants are up.

Humidity of monsoon season can cause plant disease problems

This is the time of year we see a rise in humidity along with a threat from afternoon rains. This rise in humidity and high nighttime temperatures can also bring plant disease problems. You can do something now to prevent diseases before they occur.