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Tony Sanchez instilled toughness in younger brother Kenny

Kenny Sanchez grew frustrated with every inside pitch, every side-armed delivery that backed him off the plate. He knew what it meant. He understood the message that was being sent. Older brother was making a point.

Bad week for football, thanks to Carter, Sarkisian

I knew something was missing all these years. I never had a fall guy. Think of all the rowdy shenanigans I could have created at those sports writer parties while debating fantasy drafts.

New defensive coordinator Baer says UNLV can’t dwell on past

Kent Baer would be smart to remind those UNLV football players he now coaches that you can’t begin the next chapter of your life by continuing to read the last one. One can only take so many horror stories.

Participation trophies not doing kids any harm

James Harrison on Monday made national news for something other than trying to add depth behind younger outside linebackers in Pittsburgh, writing on an Instagram post that he was taking away the participation trophies until his boys “EARN a real trophy.” The majority of responses that followed were as predictable as they were shortsighted.

May this eulogy be the last for Las Vegas Arena football teams

We are gathered here today on this predictable occasion with much joy and relief, filled with hope that this will represent the final time an Arena Football League team attempts to make Las Vegas home.

Football schedule is dose of reality for Rebels

The last time UNLV’s football team received as much offseason coverage as it has since December was, well, never. The Rebels were splashed across the pages of newspapers and magazines that in recent years hadn’t offered the slightest glance towards the program. All of it was terrific for the brand. And, as of Friday morning, none of it meant a thing.