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Winter a quieter time to visit Grand Canyon

Winter creates frosty landscapes and snowy calendar scenes that Grand Canyon visitors the rest of the year will miss.

Vegas among brightest stars of TV universe

What would television do without Las Vegas? Probably be a lot less wacky. The city’s TV footprint extends from “Wizard Wars” to “Vegas Rat Rods” and beyond. On a larger scale, the 2014 season also saw the end of such TV classics as “How I Met Your Mother” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

Mediocre year for movies yields few gems

Hollywood was an underachiever in 2014 in terms of box office and quality. However, Las Vegas managed to shine through on the big screen in several movies and Penn and Teller impressed with the documentary “Tim’s Vermeer.”

Biscuits Cafe a worthy addition to breakfast-and-lunch genre

Biscuits Cafe departs from the norm of breakfast-and-lunch places in decor. While the interior is attractive, it’s fairly streamlined and not so cluttered that I found myself wondering about the poor soul who has to dust it all. When it comes to the food, though, Biscuits Cafe tucks snugly into the genre.

‘Unbroken’ an old-fashioned tale of strength, courage, resilience

Based on Laura Hillenbrand’s wildly popular biography, “Unbroken” concentrates on Louie Zamperini’s celebrated war years with a few flashbacks to his youth, starting with his days as the bullied son of Italian immigrants.

‘Into the Woods,’ ‘Big Eyes,’ ‘Unbroken’ among holiday releases

This Christmas, you have your choice of a musical, a dark drama, a historical tale you’d never believe was true, a historical tale you’d really never believe was true and a historical tale you’d absolutely, positively never believe was true.

Who’s got the kishka?

Taste of the Town readers find kishka, both the Polish and Jewish versions.

Despite chill, exploring state parks a thrill during cooler months

Nevada’s 23 state parks, recreation areas and historic sites attract nearly 3.5 million visitors annually. Nearly all of the parks remain open all year, though weather and road conditions limit winter access to some remote parks.

One funny woman helps another launch talk-show dream

‘The Penny Pibbets Show’ spins off ‘Absinthe’ character in studio theater with the help of ‘Zumanity’ comedian as director.

Crazy Pita fine, but we weren’t crazy about it

What makes Crazy Pita so popular? It’s not the food, because you can find more inspired versions elsewhere. But Crazy Pita seems to have hit on a winning combination of super-friendly service, low prices and convenient locations.

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