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Top Clark County school officials face loss of health care benefits

A new state law prevents school administrators paid more more than $120,000 from joining a collective bargaining unit or negotiating contracts with union help. Their current contract expires June 30, along with their benefits.

Lawmakers tackle teacher shortage with scholarship fund, bonuses

Gov. Brian Sandoval and legislative leaders introduced a new $15 million initiative late Friday designed to ease Nevada’s teacher shortage.The two-pronged program sets aside $5 million for the Teach Nevada Scholarship Fund and provides new teacher bonuses.

Legislature approves slow start for UNLV medical school

A subcommittee approved Gov. Brian Sandoval’s budget recommendation for $1.2 million in Fiscal Year 2016 and $7.1 million in 2017 to start development of the medical school, but not the $26.7 million needed to start operations in 2017.

Which bathroom transgender students use up for debate

Dozens showed up Friday to support or denounce a Nevada Assembly bill that would require public school bathrooms, locker rooms and showers to be used by students of one gender — and the one designated on their birth certificates.

Nevada Senate passes school choice bill on to governor

Assembly Bill 165, one part of the Republican governor’s ambitious education agenda, authorizes $10.5 million in tax credits over the upcoming two-year budget cycle. The total would increase 10 percent per year thereafter.

School bond rollover bill debated in Assembly

A controversial bill that would extend a bond rollover program to address pressing school construction needs in Clark County ran into tough questioning Thursday in an Assembly committee.