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Young female athletes celebrated

Las Vegas Athletic Clubs honored 39 young female athletes from across the Las Vegas Valley during its 10th annual event at the Palms on May 25.

Some mobile car washes play dirty

They’re a common sight on corners and in empty parking lots around the Las Vegas Valley : trucks and vans hauling 40-gallon plastic water tanks and equipment and a few employees doing the dirty work.

Teens will scream for new audiobook

You’re a pretty smart kid.
If something is broken, you try to fix it or you work around it. You’re good at figuring things out and making up inventions as you need them. Best of all, if you can’t wrap your brain around a problem, you know enough to ask for help. You’re a smart kid, but you can’t do everything yourself. So, what if it was up to you to save your family or even your entire neighborhood?

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Letters to the editor

Husband’s ‘rejection’ may have more to do with self-loathing

I am married now for less than a year. My husband lost a long, drawn-out child custody battle. It has been over a year since this has taken place. Since the verdict, he has trouble accepting the reality of his life. However, the past few months, he has changed dramatically! He is not the same man I married.

Use semi-rotten veggies to eat away at pillbugs

Question: I have voracious pillbugs eating my tomato plants, starting at the stalk at ground level.  These are the bugs that resemble armadillos and can roll themselves into a ball. Is there anything I can do to protect the plants or get rid of the bugs?

Bountalo to bring African sounds to the Winchester Cultural Center

Bountalo, an African music group, is set to perform as part of the World Vibration Series at the Winchester Cultural Center. The act also features a contortionist who performs to the music.

Things to do

Rave Motion Pictures to host
Family Film Festival this summer