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Home-baked business opens catering event facility

Growing up watching people such as Martha Stewart, Brittney Melnick knew she wanted to become a caterer. Years later, not only is she seeing her dreams come true with her company, B With A Twist, she is using her business to cater to the needs of various nonprofits.

Yosemite offers festive holiday flair with fewer crowds

Whether it’s to escape the holiday madness or to start a new holiday tradition, visiting one of our national parks over the next couple of months is an excellent getaway. One that provides lots of options to get outdoors and sooth the soul, yet also offers a festive holiday flair, is Yosemite National Park, Calif.

It’s never too early to do serious introspection

I’m 21 years old and came across (your column) (http://www.reviewjournal.com/steven-kalas/intense-personality-may-simply-need-calm-down) about someone describing themselves as intense and overwhelming to other people. He was eternally disappointed that people felt he was too demanding, too hard to deal with, taking too much energy away from others. I’m writing you because I feel I have the exact problem this man had described to you. I’ve never read any advice targeting this so well. It felt very validating that someone out there, too, feels the same way.