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Plastic surgery procedures spike during holidays

When Henderson registered nurse LaRhonda Morris returns to work after Christmas, her colleagues might notice that she somehow looks — refreshed. What’s Morris’ secret? A little help from the kinds of needles you won’t find on Christmas trees.

Holiday exhibits keep visitors coming to Las Vegas resorts

Las Vegas has mostly shelved its attempt to rebrand itself as a family-friendly wonderland. But there’s one exception: the dreaded holiday season, when visitor numbers crater and room vacancies soar.

‘After Christmas’ sales off to an early start

On the day before Christmas, retailers turned shoppers’ attention to the day after the holiday. “After Christmas” sales began before the holiday at Amazon.com, Old Navy and CVS, among other retailers.

Gambling problem put Nevada woman on road to helping others

With nearly 10 percent of Nevadans “at risk,” the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling has a daunting mission. Executive Director Carol O’Hare is no stranger to the fight.