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$200,000 teachers

Nevada’s schools desperately need more competition. That competition must go beyond school choice and into the unionized teaching profession, which has long been locked into an industrial-era wage scale that ignores performance.

To save tortoises, limit procreation?

The Mojave Desert tortoise is listed by the federal government as a “threatened” species, which allows environmentalists and their government allies to impose restrictions on land use in Southern Nevada, supposedly to protect the reptile’s delicate wild habitat.

This Workers’ Day, celebrate immigrants

Securing the right of working Americans has been a long, unfinished road. In the centuries and decades that have preceded us, we have seen the voices of an initial few benefit the lives of all. From child labor standards to basic working conditions, we have made incredible progress for working families — progress we should be proud of.

What are we going to do when the real pain starts?

This is why we’re doomed. Confronted with an expanded version of the delays that plague air travelers on a daily basis in this country, the American people rose up in mighty anger at the sequester. And Congress listened. And then immediately restored the funds cut from the Federal Aviation Administration, thus allowing the end of air traffic controller furloughs, and a return to normalcy in the air.

Watered down: ‘Reforms’ that preserve campaign status quo

The rewriting of Senate Bill 49 is a valuable reminder of just how far politicians will go to limit public disclosure of their campaign finances and preserve the perks of incumbency. In fact, Nevada lawmakers amended Secretary of State Ross Miller’s campaign reforms to specifically authorize some of bad behaviors the reforms aimed to outlaw.

A slow start: More change is needed in school district

The educational product of the Clark County public schools is often disappointing — despite the fact taxpayers in the past 50 years have tripled the amount of money per pupil they pour in, even after adjusting for inflation.

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